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Looking to buy black pepper online? Look no further, Zizira’s got you covered.

Known as the king of spice as it is widely loved and extensively used by people all over the world, black pepper’s signature aroma emanates from the berries of the tropical Piper nigrum vine, one among the thousand species of the Piperaceae family.

Black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple but is used medicinally in ancient medicines. It has active component piperine which does all the magic!

It is responsible for all the health benefits that it provides and is also an essential component that enhances curcumin absorption and activates it up to 2,000%. It works by supporting the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system.

Black pepper is a household spice in Indian houses that have been used for generations as a seasoning as well as for traditional healing. It has several good nutrients and vitamins.

Black pepper from Meghalaya is sourced from framers from a slightly warmer part of the region. Zizira travels to remote places to source so that you can easily get access to Meghalaya Black Pepper online.

Note: This product is brought to you from the farms, unprocessed, and in its purest form.

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