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Here is a special tea that will heal you

Zizira explorers paid a visit to Kristy’s Soap factory. We met hardworking lady entrepreneur Kristimai Kharbudnah, who makes handmade soaps. Our wonder did not end there. We discovered that Kristy also runs the Kristy Herbal Clinic and her most popular medicinal produce is Sohdanei, which has huge medicinal qualities.



Sohdanei (Garcinia pedunculata is its botanical name) is the fruit of a tree that is endemic to Meghalaya, a member of the Mangosteen family. It is called Sohdanei in Khasi, the main language of Meghalaya.

handmade soap making with Mrs Kristimai Kharbudnah - Sohdanei used in special tea
Kristy with a banner which says (to this effect): Here we sell Garnicia Pedunculata (Original), etc… along with booklet with instructions.

Dried Sohdanei is used for its medicinal benefits. In brief, this is what the team heard and understood about Sohdanei (Garcinia pedunculata):

  • It can help with kidney and gall bladder stones
  • Good for the stomach – addresses gastric issues
  • Good for the liver
  • Helps with arthritis, rheumatic pain
  • Having it on a regular basis helps maintain good health.
  • Helps even with headaches and diarrhea
  • Helps reduce excess fat in the body

In fact, a medicine person the team met even mentioned having had success in dissolving cysts and helping patients with blood cancer. This was, of course not a proven scientific experiment.

Dry Sohdanei can be found in stores in Bara Bazar, Shillong,  but it needs expertise in spotting the good quality ones. They need to be plucked from the tree at the right time. Kristy Herbal Clinic procures dried Sohdanei from gatherers-cum-growers they trust and so they get quality.

The news about Sohdanei got the Zizira team of explorers charged up and we decided to do something about it.

Dried Sohdanei - part of a special tea of Zizira
Dried Sohdanei

Soh danei fruit - dried is used in special tea of zizira
Sohdanei fresh off the tree

Zizira’s special Sohdanei tea

It was time to go back to the Food Lab! They wanted to have a good quality Zizira product with Garcinia penduculata that could benefit consumers.  After a round of meetings and brainstorming it was decided to test a couple of mixes with tea varieties.

Black Tea WithSohdanei

What you see in the store now is Black Tea mixed with Sohdanei – a special tea from Zizira. Sohdanei, when brewed in hot water, has a naturally tangy taste that adds a lot of flavor to the end product.

Did you know that Soh means fruit in Khasi, one of the main languages spoken in Meghalaya?

Sohdanei grows in a tree. Even the leaves and the seeds are said to have medicinal value. The fruit is ready for plucking between September and February. Dried Sohdanei can be used to flavor dishes and add sourness. In fact it can be substituted for lemon.

Buy this special tea and benefit from dried sohdanei, a healthy medicinal fruit and the flavor of Meghalaya black tea that gets a richer taste because it is grown at higher altitudes. This special tea comes with the Zizira guarantee of genuineness of the product. Team Zizira knows the source of all the ingredients that go into this product.


You can contact us to know more about this product or if you have any other questions. We will follow up promptly.

Vilasini Kumar

Vilasini Kumar

An Executive Director in Chillibreeze, Vilasini has been with the company from 2005, the very second year of its operations. The 'learning environment' the company offers inspires her.
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Vilasini Kumar
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