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Spices Grown In Meghalaya: A quick-glance infographic


The Abode of Clouds now Home to Spices!

Meghalaya’s climate, soil and most importantly, the traditional farming practices, is ideal for the growing of spices. The farmers of the state have been tenaciously hanging on to the farming practices that has been passed down from generations and does not involve the use of artificial or chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. The most popular spices grown in Meghalaya are ginger, chillies, turmeric, black pepper and bay leaf.

But of the spices grown in Meghalaya, even though Ginger tops the list in both area and yield, the Lakadong turmeric deserves special mention. It stands out among all other varieties of turmeric owing to its high levels of curcumin which is believed to be twice as much as that of the normal variety. As for chillies, several varieties are grown in the state, of which the most prominent are the Bird’s Eye Chilli and the notorious Bhut Jolokia! When it comes to black pepper, Meghalaya’s native Piper longum variety has yet to see it’s true potential realized.


Northeast India has tremendous potential for growing high value crops like spices. Join Zizira’s team of explorers as they meet with farmers to understand their stories and also discover the potential of spices of Northeast India.

Spices grown in Meghalaya Infographic

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