The Zizira Black Sticky Rice Contest

And the Fastest Fifteen Winners of our Quiz Contest are

Yogesh Dev
Neha Mathur
K Rihenpam
Canning S Shabong
Fourstar Bamon
Kimberly Jane Thomas
Preeti Tamilarasan
Karan Dass
Raghubir Jamatia
Kishan Rao
Yapi Kena
Veronica Bathew
Karen Marwein
Anniesha Lyngdoh

Congratulations on winning the first phase of the contest!

For those of you who didn’t make it, don’t worry! The second phase is right around the corner and we promise you that you stand a fair chance to win our Grand Prize!
Curious about how you did in the first phase? We have posted the answers to the quiz here.

Overview of The Black Sticky Rice

Zizira’s Black Sticky Rice comes from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. They are an ancient grain which are free from the milling process, which would have transformed them into the regular and common white rice. Moreover, the farmers who grow this variety of rice follow traditional methods of cultivation inherited from their forefathers, which does not involve the use any chemical based pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Vision of the Contest

Zizira aims to create awareness around this awesome rice grain from Meghalaya in the rest of the country. Our aim, in the process, is to highlight and promote the traditional organic farming practices of the farmers as they toil in the harsh yet bountiful terrains of Meghalaya.

The Contest

The Black Sticky Rice Contest is made up of two sections. Winners will be decided on the basis of total scores from the two sections, quiz and the photography.


The first phase will be a quiz contest. The fastest fifteen entrants to the quiz will win our famous Black Sticky Rice!


The second phase of this event will be a photography contest. We will ship black sticky rice to the first fifteen entrants from the Quiz contest for free! Using the black sticky rice, you can get creative and take pictures in all sort of ways possible! And in case you didn't make it to the first fifteen, get your Black Sticky Rice today!

The photo(s) which you submit must include Zizira's Black Sticky Rice.

What you win!







Answers to the Questions:

1. Black sticky rice has the highest amount of Protein in comparison to other rice varieties

2. Black sticky rice is also known as glutinous rice, because it is sticky

3. Black sticky rice has the least Amylose

4. Black sticky rice is believed to be originated in Asia

5. Black sticky rice is Opaque

6. Black sticky rice is black in colour due to the bran layer

7. On cooking, black sticky rice turns to mellow purple colour

8. Black sticky rice is also known as a Superfood

9. Black sticky rice consists of both water and fats soluble classes of antioxidant

10. Black sticky rice consists of a natural pigment called Melanin