Unique, Pure, and Naturally Grown.

Direct to You from Family Farms of Meghalaya.

We partner with farmers to bring conscious customers like you, rare ingredients from nature’s goodness


As a conscious consumer, are you concerned about where your kitchen ingredients come from?

Whether they’ve been grown sustainably, are pure, and if the farmers got a fair deal?

You can trust us to bring you pure and authentic products.


Our Promise

Pure & Hard to Find Products

  • We will source responsibly and get you pure, nutrition rich, regional specialities.

Direct from Farms to Your Doorstep

  • Produce will be sourced directly from farmers. We will process with care and deliver to you with love.

Farmers Will Be Our Partners

  • We will continue to build mutually beneficial relationships with farmers and help them unleash their potential.

We care about the purity of your products and where they come from.

We care about what you and your family consume!



Over 5 years of experience working directly with farmers.

Happy Customers

More than 25,000+ customers have used our products. All over India. Returning for more.

Controlled Supply Chain

We are responsible for every process from the farm to you.

Join Our Happy Customers

Sandeep YJ

"I just received my 7-9 % turmeric today and it's just amazing. Has a very strong fragrance and distinctive flavor. Can easily differentiate between my old turmeric powder and Lakadong turmeric be it with color or fragrance. I thank Zizira for providing the best quality of spices and also helping the farmers in making a good income."

Srikanth Venkumahanti

"It's been a year I have started purchasing products from Zizira... Pure and Authentic products. Loved their Turmeric and Golden Ker powder."

Ankit Kamalia

"The true Golden Spice of India"

Dev Raj Kakati

"High quality, unadulterated and feels like homegrown organic turmeric. The best turmeric I have used to date. The aroma, the taste and texture of the turmeric is simply amazing!"

Tapashi Ghosh

The Biggest reason is i am very fond of North East i have got much love for them ... Trust Zizira ... I bought a lot of products from you ....My Experience was very very good .I liked the Honey .....I am going to order some more .....for my friends​
Thank you Zizira for helping the farmers and for making such wonderful and pure products 😊​

3 Steps to Becoming a Conscious Consumer


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Meghalaya is Our Home

For five years, we have been exploring the far corners of our state for the best ingredients and most reliable farmers so that we can buy, process, and sell top quality products to thousands of conscious consumers like yourself. We do it all so that we can be your trusted source for pure products for years to come.

Whether you are looking for herbs & spices for your kitchen or for refreshing, healthy drinks, we bring premium, authentic products all the way from our remote and pristine region of Northeast, India.

Be assured in knowing these products are made using ingredients that are sourced from select family farms, freshly processed, unadulterated, and delivered to your home so that you can be confident that you are getting the very best.


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