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Raw Honey

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Ing Makhir
Ing Makhir

Indigenous Ginger from Meghalaya

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Lakadong Chyrmit from Meghalaya

World’s Best Turmeric at Zizira

Zizira's Lakadong Turmeric is sourced from the Lakadong village of Meghalaya. This turmeric is of superior quality, strictly quality-controlled, and non-adulterated. While generic turmeric powders have a curcumin content of 3%, our Lakadong turmeric powder is rich with 7 to 12% curcumin content.

Zizira Raw Honey

Raw & Infused Honey

Zizira's raw honey is the purest and is harvested in a sustainable way from wild beehives by local farmers & beekeepers. Zizira farmers are experts in cruelty-free harvesting which harms neither the honey bees nor their hives.

Infused honey is a special type of flavoured honey made of a wide range of herbs and spices. These delicious concoctions have ingredients that are intensely infused to give a unique taste that not only enhances the honey's mild flavour but also provides health benefits for the body.


Natural Herbs & Spices

Herbs & spices are a part and parcel of our kitchen and our daily lives. They are anti-diabetic, good for the immune system, help to boost memory power, and have many other health benefits. Zizira's wide collection of natural herbs in India and the best natural spices are stringently tested for quality, safety, and sustainability before we send them out to you so that you are assured to get exceptional taste and aroma without compromising your health.

Valerian Tea

Herbal Tea Blends

Natural teas are known to improve physical & mental health, regulate healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure and improve cardiac functioning as they contain curcumin and many other antioxidants. Buy Zizira teas online in India to gain these health benefits. We have many different variants like Valerian, Classic Masala, Earthy Tropical Green tea, etc.


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Zizira Szechuan Pepper
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Turmeric Twist Honey 300gTurmeric Twist Honey 300g
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Why choose Zizira for Natural Products Online?

Zizira is a unique platform with an exclusive collection of all-natural food supplements and products. Zizira Products range from the world's best turmeric to unique herbs, spices, & honey from Meghalaya and Northeast India. All of Zizira's products are pure, natural, and unadulterated. 

Zizira's products are directly sourced from the farms. We ensure that every product is well-packaged and reaches you with utmost safety. We ensure quality with our multi-step quality control process. We are working hard to not only give you authentic products but to also work together with small family farmers in Meghalaya. When you buy Zizira's products, together we create the process of regenerative and sustainable farming. 

If you are looking to buy natural food products with the ease of your comfort then you are in the right place. You can buy all these products online with few clicks and they will be delivered to your home.