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"The turmeric quality is awesome"

Zizira happy customer using lakadong turmeric

Ankit Kamlia

"Zizira is doing an awesome job by toiling to bring authentic products from remote terrains of Meghalaya so we should encourage them. I believe the farmers there are getting their fair bit. The turmeric quality is awesome and if you are looking for good quality medicinal turmeric, then go for it!”

"I always felt a special love for honey"

- Jyoti Magoon

This is the third time we are ordering raw honey. We really like it. We are also using the turmeric powder and it’s amazing. We are glad that we can order from Zizira!

"I am going to order some more for my friends."

- Tapashi Ghosh

The biggest reason is I am very fond of North East I have got much love for them. Trust Zizira. I bought a lot of products from you. My experience was very very good. I liked the honey. I am going to order some more for my friends.

Thank you Zizira for helping the farmers and for making such wonderful and pure products 😊

"Best Honey Ever"

Micheal Lapi

It was earlier this year while surfing Facebook that I came across the Zizira ad. I felt that I had to try the honey and so I ordered. There is also the sentimental reason- I spent my childhood in Shillong. Purchasing from Meghalaya farmers made me feel good, I felt I was contributing something.
I had complete trust in Zizira from the start. The product only served to deepen it. Complete satisfaction is what I got besides the other obvious benefits of honey. To those who have doubts regarding Zizira honey I would tell them to lose their doubts for they stand to miss out on the best available honey to my knowledge (I've tried a couple of different brands and none has come close to Zizira.

"You won my Loyalty"


Dear Zizirians, if you think you can win my brand loyalty with your exceptionally organic turmeric, then you're 100% right. Not just my skin, its consumption has boosted my digestion and immunity. Over a month back I started out with turmeric tea every alternate morning and now I religiously use it for cooking and even a face pack. So thankful I ordered mine on time. I've even gifted a pack to a loved one. We appreciate your effort from South Bangalore. Much love


Laxmi Sanjeev

I personally felt this Lakadong Chyrmit was a good product and easy to consume - mixi it by just adding pepper to it and pour boiling hot water into the mug, with little ghee-(optional) and it’s ready to drink. I felt it was yellow magic, an instant yellow soup!​
I had a slight issue with my knee, but after taking the product, there was improvement. I like to thank the team for being kind to share the tested Curcumin certificate! In fact, I have ordered 6 bottles for my relatives since it really helped as anti-inflammatory! ​

Are You Worried That You Might Be Cheated by Unauthentic, Adulterated Herbs and Spices?

Adulteration may save you money, but it definitely cheats you of your health. With Zizira, you don't have to compromise your health for impure herbs and spices, or ever worry about where your herbs and spices come from.


We use herbs and spices in our homes too, so we understand you

Become a confident conscious consumer with Zizira's herbs and spices.

Naturally Grown Produce

When you buy Zizira’s products, you get to experience naturally grown ingredients which are free from any form of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Authenticity starts at the source, and we make sure it stays that way.

Direct Farmer Relationship

Direct farmer relationship goes beyond opening markets for hardworking farmers. At Zizira, we believe in a bigger purpose of developing strong relationships with farmers who aspire to be self-driven entrepreneurs. When you buy Zizira’s products, you are part of a bigger purpose.

In-house Processing

Each and every little ingredient is processed in-house, with utmost care and efficiency. Apart from lab testing each ingredient for its purity, the team makes sure proper FSSAI guidelines are followed to deliver quality products

Experience authentic products from the Northeast

Northeast India is a treasure trove of unique herbs and spices. Now, with the ease of online shopping, you get to experience a bit of Meghalaya with every Zizira product, all from the comfort of your home.

Daily dose of Natural Wonder

Remember, herbs and spices are not magic. You have to consume them every day to see the desired results. What you can do is include them into your daily diet and use them as herbal supplements for your health.

Herb and spices for a healthy life

Herbs and spices are just part and parcel of your healthy lifestyle. As much as eating the right food and exercising is important, all these things are interrelated. They always go hand in hand.

Why choose Zizira for Natural Products Online?

As the world moves from traditional markets to natural product online stores, it has become so easy to buy spices online.

Here at Zizira, purity and authenticity are of utmost priority. With the help of traditional, sustainable farming methods and modern-day lab tests, we make sure you receive nothing short of the best ingredients Meghalaya has to offer.

For far too long, Northeast India had been shut off from the world despite boasting a treasure trove of unique and indigenous herbs and spices. But not anymore. From the high curcumin Zizira Lakadong turmeric powder to the extremely potent Ing Makhir ginger powder, with Zizira you get to experience authentic herbs and spices, and so much more.


Ing Makhir Ginger

Known to be one of the most potent ginger varieties in the world, the Ing Makhir Ginger is Meghalaya’s finest ginger variety.

Grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the Ing Makhir is extremely rich as compared to regular ginger varieties which are available in the market. It has very thin skin and is very fibrous in nature as well.