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Plants and their Benefits

Meghalaya and the pristine Northeast Indian region is abundant with rare and unique plants that have tremendous benefits.

Top 4 Ginger Recipes Using Ing Makhir Ginger

Ginger has got to be one of the most used ingredient in our kitchens and rightly so as this versatile spice is used in a wide variety of ways from adding depth to savoury dishes to bringing a spice kick to some desserts and sweet confectioneries.

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Nettle Tea, Benefits of Nettle Tea and How to Make It

Of late, there has been one such plant that has caught the attention of many herbal tea enthusiasts— and that is the Stinging Nettle plant. Yes. You heard that right. The stingy plant which we once considered to be nothing but a nuisance growing in our gardens, is now one of the most extensively used plant in herbal tea remedies.

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Profit with a Purpose

Zizira is not a non-profit. We are here to run a profitable business in order to serve a higher purpose.

Story of Zizira - Why the ‘Discovery’ Theme?

This series of posts – called the ‘Story of Zizira’ are extracted from my 2016 year-end notes covering the journey so far about Zizira, our one-year-old venture. What we have covered so far: Background Why Chillibreeze diversified and that too into agricultural products? Why we need to open markets for Meghalaya farmer

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The Second Golden Yardstick Of Zizira - Creating A Culture Of Excellence

Whether a leader or a team member, everyone should have the same fire in the belly, for pursuit of excellence. A clear understanding of the organization’s vision and purpose will be the main driving force for any team member to be committed towards creating excellence, to achieve their organization’s vision.

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Conscious Consumer Brand's Impact on the World

Conscious Consumer Brands are companies that focus on the impact they make. The impact may be environmental, social, health, etc.

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Raw Honey

Unique Raw mountain Honey from the forests of Meghalaya

What are the benefits of honey and black pepper?

Honey and black pepper are essentials we have in our kitchen cabinets that have been valued for centuries. Read about the goodness of these two ingredients.

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What is Raw Honey and How is it Different from Regular Honey

Here’s a quick guide on raw honey, how it is different from regular honey, how to validate raw honey’s authenticity, and its benefits. Read on to explore more

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Honey vs Jaggery: Which is healthier?

Honey vs Jaggery. Honey is an excellent source of antioxidants and electrolytes. Jaggery is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins.

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