Zizira Bulk Collection

People today are becoming more and more concerned about the daily food they eat and naturally grown products are playing an important role in it. The demand for natural, chemical-free spices and herbs has also been in demand, both for private consumers and businesses alike. The changes in the preferences and taste of consumers have led to a demand for natural and chemical-free spices. We are one of the top herb and spice suppliers in India offering a wide collection of flavourful spices and herbs in bulk that is guaranteed to meet the utmost standards of quality, safety and sustainability. As a wholesale herb supplier, huge packing capacity allows us to provide various sizes of packages and even offer customization according to your specific needs. 

Zizira’s bulk collection of spices and herbs are exclusively made to enhance the taste of your favourite dishes without compromising on health. We bring the best products to our customers that are bursting with flavours and match the highest culinary standard. We use carefully-picked naturally grown produces to offer premium quality and excellent characteristics of our bulk products on offer. You can trust spice supplier Zizira to provide you with fresh and quality natural spices and herbs. We follow strict quality assurance procedures that go beyond meeting the set organic requirements, along with the in-house quality check to ensure that you receive the very best.

Exceptional Taste and Aroma

As one of the top spice and herb suppliers in India, our products have bold flavours, beautiful aroma and excellent nutritional properties because of our selection of high graded produce in terms of freshness and purity. Even though we can supply just anything such as black pepper bulk, bay leaf bulk and even cinnamon bulk, we never compromise on the quality. We use specialized methods to activate the herbs and spices by hand roasting and stone grinding them in small batches. Whether you are looking for something people use every day in Indian homes such as turmeric bulk, black cardamom bulk or something unusual such as Szechuan pepper bulk, you can be sure to find them and much more at Zizira.

Packed with Nutrition & Antioxidants

If you are concerned about pesticide residues in your fruits and vegetables, you ought to try our healthy herbs and spices too. Zizira’s collection of herbs and spices not only excites your taste buds, but it also offers an impressive list of antioxidants, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and more for overall wellness. Without the addition of any flavour enhancer, colour or other chemicals, we offer wholesale and bulk spice and herb products that you will find hard to get anywhere else.

Raw Produce Sourced Directly from Farmers

Instead of using large-scale industrialized farming companies, we use produces that originate from local farmers in the north-eastern region of India who use traditional methods without the use of chemical fertilizers. Our partners use natural and sustainable methods of growing, harvesting and drying the produce. The raw commodities are then processed in our processing units and then packed as per the needs of our end-customers. From procurement, up to the end product packing, our staff follows the best hygienic and organic rules at all times. All our products are handled with total care. It allows us to feel good knowing that we are contributing to natural and earth-healthy agriculture techniques.

Support for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Do you own a restaurant, café, a food joint, a food processing unit, or even a small store and want to build a reputation for being an ecologically responsible business? We can be your partner and meet your demand for naturally grown produces at fair prices. With such enormous potential, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of our exquisite produces to expand and grow your business.

Everything You Need Only at Zizira

At Zizira, we sell and export our wide range of bulk spices and herbs to global customers. Whether you are looking for spices and herbs for yearly stocking in your home, or on bulk for your commercial business, we have you covered! Apart from our usual spices and herb products on offer, we also offer other spices that you might not find in bulk anywhere like lemon grass bulk, long pepper bulk, and anything else you might need. In addition, we have the capabilities to customize combinations of different ingredients to help you create a signature flavour you need for products that you produce. Instead of simply selling our products, we are dedicated to building a relationship with our customers and work alongside them to prepare bulk spices and herbs that are of the highest and the safest quality available in the market.

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