Honey: Why you shouldn't avoid it this winter

Winters are magical. This season is filled with festivities, hot chocolate, and cozy sweaters. However, there's a less charming side of winters, causing serious trouble for our lifestyle. From dry skin to various cold-related diseases, you need a solution to combat these inconveniences. Natural Honey, which is a common kitchen ingredient, is your life-saver remedy this winter. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties- raw honey can be used for a myriad of purposes. Read further to find about its benefits, places to buy it, and much more.

Raw Honey Online

Raw honey is known to be extracted from the honeycomb and purified by using a nylon cloth. It is not processed or pasteurized. However, shopping for raw honey online is a complicated task. Here are a few points you should keep in mind before buying raw honey online.


1. Authenticity

It is imperative to check the label thoroughly before buying it online. Look for words like "100% raw" and "unpasteurized" on the packaging label. Don't be fooled with words like "pure" or "organic.” These vague words do not necessarily indicate that the honey is raw. Most sellers also have an authentication certificate to assure their customers of the quality of their product.

2. Price Range

Pricey products are not an indication of a high-quality product. The best raw honey in India is available within a pocket-friendly range at Zizira. Ensure that you have several raw honey options at varying price ranges before you select an appropriate one for yourself.

3. Meticulous Research

Adulteration of raw honey is a common problem in the food industry. Sellers usually tend to misinform their customers and scam them. Therefore, ensure that you do in-depth research on the brands before buying raw honey from them.

Raw Honey

Benefits of Raw Honey

1. Antifungal and Antibacterial properties

Raw honey contains high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which is a well-known antiseptic. This ingredient is a handy remedy for killing bacterial and fungal infections.

2. Healthy Living

Natural honey is a direct source of antioxidants like flavonoids for your body. Thus, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, specific types of cancers, strokes, and is also beneficial for good eye health. Furthermore, diabetic patients can replace refined sugar with honey as a sweetening agent. Please note that raw honey should be consumed in a controlled manner as it can still heighten the blood sugar level.

3. Cough and cold

Raw honey has the power to suppress cough symptoms to ensure a pleasant sleep for you and your family. Common cold and cough are standard during the winter season. Thus, you can switch to honey from ineffective medications to cure sore throat, cold, and cough for faster and satisfactory results.

4. Glowing Skin

Winter can make our skin dry and rough. These desperate times call for a moisturizer that will only hydrate your skin but make it soft and glowy. Natural honey has anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Hence, use it in your homemade face masks for flawless skin.

Honey dipper

Raw Honey In India

Raw honey is a high demand product in the Indian marketplace. Indians are well-versed with the powerful effects and, thus, are stocking up their supply for the winter season. Here's a curated list of the best raw honey brands in India.

1. Indigenous Honey

This brand is popular among the consumers for its organic honey, rich in natural vitamins and minerals. It is free of additional sweeteners like corn sugar or cane sugar. You can buy it on various trusted online sites for better deals.

2. Farm Honey

This organic brand offers unprocessed and unheated raw honey in various packaging sizes. The honey collected is keenly filtered to remove dead bees, wings, and other impurities. Moreover, the product comes within an affordable price range, which attracts the majority of its consumers.

3. Merlion Naturals Multiflora

This natural honey is suitable to sustain your daily needs. It is helpful to maintain stable digestive health. The 22 amino acids present in this raw honey are strongly recommended to strengthen your immune system and boost your overall health. With just one spoon of this honey, you will feel energetic throughout the day.

Final Words

Honey taken from a beehive

Raw honey has multiple beneficial uses and is the solution to many of the problems you face during winters. Stock up bottles of them today before the raw honey price in India hikes. There are many online shopping sites like Zizira that provide budget-friendly deals on your first purchase. Happy shopping!
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