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Discovering the Potential of Agriculture in Meghalaya

Zizira’s team of explorers  went on a quest to get some insight into the potential of agriculture of Meghalaya. During one of these field visits, team Zizira came across an organic ginger farm in Mawtnum village in Meghalaya.

The visit gave us an insight on the farming methods and the variety of crops grown here. What do these organic farmers do? What do they grow? We had a few more interactive visits where we understood the basics of organic farming and the produce grown in these farms.

Our quest for unleashing the true potential of farmers of Meghalaya led us to lady farmer Bernadethe. Her innovative and successful experience gave team Zizira insights into what it takes to be a role model in proving the potential of agriculture in Northeast India. We have been talking about the natural produce and the farmers growing them. But where to find them?

As we move forward with our quest and discover the different produce of Meghalaya.

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For now let us share some interesting facts on the farming sector in Meghalaya through this Infographic.

You can also read Zizira's farmer stories which we have collected first hand by meeting farmers from Meghalaya. The stories give you an insight into their lives, their struggles and aspirations.

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