Momo Chutney Recipe - Do It Yourself In 15 Minutes
How can a city full of food connoisseurs not be hooked to something as scrumptious as momos? timesofindia
Walk down any street in Northeast India and you are bound to come across a busy momo joint. So what makes a momo special? First, it’s a quick meal that’s available almost anytime.

Secondly, it comes with a spicy punch owing to the chutney or dip that it is served with. Is chutney the secret to making your momos awesome? Eat a momo without its regular hot chutney and it’ll be like having an incomplete meal Bottom line, a momo quick snack is incomplete without its hot and spicy chutney.

And what makes this particular chutney hot are chillies of course, but here’s a secret, its not just any chilli but the Cherry Pepper or Dalle Khursani. So here’s an ingeniously simple recipe for the most awesome chutney that could rival salsa!

Cherry Chilli Pepper Momo Chutney Recipe


1 large tomato
3-4 garlic cloves
5-7 cherry peppers
Salt to taste

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Boil the tomato, garlic cloves and the cherry peppers on high heat till the tomato starts to soften. Turn out the heat and peel the outer skin of the tomato. Once done, cut the tomato into four or six pieces and discard the soft seeded core.

Now, grind the cherry pepper, garlic and boiled tomato together (with salt to taste). Depending on your preference, you may grind to a fine paste or just about so you get some chewy bits. Serve with a batch of momos once the chutney has cooled down. Note: Can be refrigerated and reused up to a week.

dalle khursani momo chutney

So the next time you are planning to have momos, check out our Cherry Chilli Pepper momo chutney recipe for an awesome snack. On the other hand, this chutney will also go really well with samosas or even nachos. Let us know what it tasted like!

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