Pioneering A Health Focused Natural Food Company in Northeast India

After 10 Years of providing professional services we are expanding our success in agriculture

A new brand called Zizira will sell healthy products via eCommerce to the cities and towns of India. Our customers will be safe, trusting the source of these products. They will also be happy to know that their purchases will be benefiting local farmers. Our vision is to create and sell high value products, so that farmers increase income by releasing the potential of their land.

We dream big. We will show off Northeast India and release the potential of farmers! Our products will reflect our passion for creating good healthy products and doing something worthwhile. In this process, we will prove by example that a healthy company, can make a difference.

The purpose of Zizira goes beyond being a profitable company. Through the diligent work of a healthy company we are transforming lives, creating wealth, providing purpose and adding value to customers, employees, families and community. As a role model Zizira’s influence will spread throughout Northeast India and beyond.

Starting in October 2015 customers will benefit from this health focused natural food company selling healthy products from pristine Northeast India. Our customers can trust that behind each product is a commitment that each product was made with care. Our unique location and climate produces fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

The traditional farming techniques follow natural methods, thus many of our products are clean from pesticides and toxins. It is this uniqueness plus the vision behind the company which compelled us to pioneer the first health focused natural food company in Northeast India.

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Experts at Pioneering Companies in Remote Regions of India

We make bold promises because we are confident. We know the ground realities and know how go get things done within them. We did it in 2005 when we moved to Shillong, Meghalaya and pioneered a global services company with one customer at a time. Today Chillibreeze will be that successful company serving corporations across the globe. With this experience and confidence the vision is within easy reach. Follow the startup journal.

We are Making in Meghalaya

When we read Prime Minister Modi’s new initiative Make In India, we knew right away that we would be a key player. Our vision for a natural, organic and health food company in Northeast India fits right into his vision. Read all about it in the Make in India website.

Make in India

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Meghalaya treasuresOrganizations helping farmers

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