The Second Golden Yardstick Of Zizira - Creating A Culture Of Excellence
"I come to work, not to do a job, but to create excellence”

Pursuit of Excellence

Whether a leader or a team member, everyone should have the same fire in the belly, for pursuit of excellence. A clear understanding of the organization’s vision and purpose will be the main driving force for any team member to be committed towards creating excellence, to achieve their organization’s vision.

I believe most of us have the experience of working with companies and organizations where a ‘silo’ mentality reigns. Team members, colleagues, or leaders, jealously guard their expertise and knowledge. Hence, the real collaboration between workers is nearly non-existent, leading to mediocre results or failures.

One should always remember that the drive for pursuit of excellence develops only among the highly collaborative teams, as they are strong enough to push through the barriers and move forward towards their vision.

"Our organization aligns every team members with the vision, mission and values, which encourages us to strive for excellence with a strong desire to succeed, every time we walk in to work”.

Creating a culture of excellence

Building a Culture of Excellence

As a saying goes, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. When you love what you do, you will not only work harder, but you will be able to bring about excellent results as well. Building a culture of excellence in an organization is positively ennobling and long lasting, as the team members get the feeling that their work is meaningful, significant and purposeful.

Leaders or managers should set an expectation of high performance from every team member and provide consistent support, encouragement, rewards and recognition, so that they feel motivated and become a master in their role and area of expertise.

When the team members have the clarity of an organization’s purpose, they develop the flexibility and resilience to deal with change, thus building a culture of excellence within the organization. Their motivation to achieve the organization’s vision becomes higher than the urge to avoid obstacles and challenges.

Do your best at every job. Don’t sleep! Hire good people with a passion for excellence” – Steve Jobs

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Delivering Excellence

The desire to deliver excellence should come from within. One should always step out of the comfort zone and focus on setting a high standard in order to discover and elevate the unique potential or strength from within. Learn to overcome the fear of failures or being wrong, so that your creativity can grow spontaneously and make an impact in your organization’s path towards excellence.

When you believe and clearly visualize the outcome of what you are going to do, it will make you more organized and focused, and help you advance towards excellence and contribute to your organization’s success. Wrap yourself in the cloak of ‘excellence’ and always challenge yourself to achieve outstanding results at the end of every day.

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