Relationships to Inspire Future
Farmer Generations


Farmer well-being is at the heart of our business. Our trustworthy network of farmers is carefully built to ensure meaningful livelihood for everyone involved.

At Zizira, we treat our farmers as important partners. Help is always available, and often beyond the expected usual. We make sure our farmers have adequate resources to produce the best herbs & spices.

Making Farmers Famous is our long term strategy to keep alive the traditional Khasi values & customs. Unlike any other community, our collective past and culture live on in the farming families. And our success will be measured in the number of families that continue to farm for future generations.

Pure Natural Products for
Your Healthy Family

Over 15,000+ conscious consumers, across India, have used our herbs, spices, honey, tea & more. Purity & Nutrition are the main expectations from our products. And we are grateful for this opportunity to serve. We’d have it no other way, and nor would our farmer families.

All our products come from small family farms in Meghalaya, run by honest, hard-working women & men. Our farmers, and their families, are the first consumers of the products we sell. The care & nourishment, we associate in the food our parents give us - at Zizira our endeavor to add that love in every pack of products you get from our shop.

Our handpicked ingredients always go through rigorous quality checks and testing to rule-out any adulteration. Every product in our shop is also tested by third-party FSSAI approved labs for purity, hygiene and quality.

Embracing Eco Friendly Packaging

We are in the process of making our packaging friendly to mother nature. We are discovering new ways of packaging, so they have a minimum carbon footprint.

Our products are packed in Shillong. We send them to our warehouses in Lucknow and Pune. Warehouses are restocked every month so you get the freshly packed products on every order. Our trusted warehouse partners help us in faster and reliable service to our customers.

Just Like Your Extended Family

The moment you make a purchase from Zizira, you join our community of 15,000+ customers. To each of us, you are no less than our extended family.

We are available to listen to your queries and concerns. Just as families need to talk regularly, we love to interact with you. We are always looking for your recommendations and feedback to improve our service to you.

We go to great length to make sure your requests are fulfilled and that you are 100% satisfied.