Here are some health benefits of Bay leaf chai:

  1. Improves digestion - Bay leaves are believed to have excellent effects on the gastrointestinal system and also acts as a diuretic as it helps in stimulating urination. This effect further helps in decreasing toxicity by flushing out the toxic substances. Furthermore, the compounds that are present in bay leaves are highly effective in dealing with upset stomachs, soothing irritable bowel syndrome. Due to some complex proteins that are present in our diet, it makes it difficult to digest but the enzymes that are present in bay leaves facilitates efficient digestion and the intake of different nutrients.
  2. Helps in respiratory conditions - Bay leaves have powerful antibacterial properties in it and the essential oils in it help in alleviating respiratory conditions. It helps to loosen up the phlegm and eliminates harmful bacteria that may be trapped in the respiratory tract.
  3. Protects heart health - Phytoconstituents in it such as caffeic acid and rutin are essential compounds that enhance heart health. Rutin helps in strengthening the capillary walls of the heart while caffeic acid helps in eliminating the bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system keep the heart-healthy.
  4. Helps in reducing inflammation - Curcumin in turmeric and cinnamon have natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help the body fight against foreign substances. Without inflammation in the body, bacteria and germs can easily take over the body and lead to chronic diseases. Therefore, whatever substance that can help in treating chronic inflammation is of utmost importance. Curcumin and piperine are powerful anti-inflammatory substances that can suppress inflammation and fight chronic inflammation at a higher level. Bay leaves have an anti-inflammatory activity which is one of its most essential benefits. The presence of some unique Phyto-nutrients called parthenolide in it helps in reducing inflammation significantly which further reduces the chances of developing inflammation conditions like arthritis.
  5. Stress-buster - Stress is one very common condition in today’s world. You can add bay leaves to your daily diet in order to manage stress better. Chemical compound linalool which is present in it helps in lowering the stress hormones in the body which leads to calmness and combat symptoms of depression.
  6. Manages diabetes - Bay leaves are highly useful in the management of diabetes as they help in reducing the blood glucose level, cholesterol, and triglycerides. They directly improve the function of the insulin receptor and regulates blood sugar levels. This is because the antioxidants in bay leaf enable the body to help produce more insulin efficiently thus making it a good choice for diabetic patients who has insulin resistance.
  7. Antifungal property - Studies have suggested that bay leaves have antifungal properties that help in protecting the skin from any kind of unwanted microbes that causes infection or irritation. Regular consumption of bay leaf powder may help in creating a protective layer that may eliminate all sorts of microbial organisms from entering the membrane.
  8. Soothes sore throat and reduces cough - Bay leaves have the ability to clear up the respiratory system. It helps to unclog stuffy nasal passage and gets rid of the harmful bacteria.
  9. Boosts athletic performance - Bay leaves have caffeic acid in them and not only helps fight rare diseases, but it can also help in increasing exercise tolerance. It has a mild stimulant effect that reduces the levels of lactate which is commonly used in pre-workout supplements.
  10. Reduces rare diseases - Bay leaves contain a powerful and strong plant pigment which is known as rutin. It is a flavonoid that improves the circulation in the body by strengthening the veins and arteries. Overall, rutin also may help in preventing blood clots, which may lower the risk of rare diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. 

Here is how you can make bay leaf chai:

  1. Add ½ teaspoon of this flavorful powder in a cup. 
  2. Pour hot water to it and stir.
  3. If you like milk, adding it will only make it better.
  4. Add your choice of sweetener if you prefer it sweet.
  5. Enjoy this healing chai at any hour of the day.