Ingredients in Bhut Jolokia infused honey

Relating to its name, this honey is a combination of natural ingredients of the North East that are flavorful and beneficial. The basic ingredients in this honey infusion are:

Mawsynram Honey - A natural honey that is directly collected from the dense forests of Mawsynram where the flora is in abundance. Our Mawsynram honey is provided to us by our partnered beekeeper, Kong Elvira who hails from Thieddieng village in Mawsynram. This honey is in its purest and raw form and is free from all artificial additives. It has a beautiful golden-brown colour that comes along with a fresh and sweet citrus flavour. This honey is packed with a wholesome amount of nutrients and provides maximum health benefits.

Bhut Jolokia - A famous chilli from the North-East which is also known as Ghost Chilli, Naga chilli and beb. Due to the presence of active component capsaicin, the chilli is considered to be one of the hottest peppers on the planet, topping over a million Scoville Heat Units (a measure of pungency). It actually held the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s hottest chilli from the year 2007 until 2010. So, you can imagine the level of spiciness it gives out! This chilli is definitely spicy but is filled with an intensely fruity, sweet chilli flavour. In addition to being a common kitchen ingredient in certain Indian households, it has also been used as a remedy for stomach ailments as well as to increase metabolism.


Bhut Jolokia infused honey has been created with the intention of experiencing the taste of Bhut Jolokia in the most convenient way by infusing it with the most versatile ingredient – Honey!

Our Mawsynram honey gets infused with the famous chilli Bhut Jolokia which is extremely spicy. It gives the honey a beautiful yellowish-orange tint topped with a single whole Bhut Jolokia giving it an extremely appealing look. The consistency of this honey is so smooth that it easily dribbles down a spoon and is very clear that you see the chilli powder floating on the honey.

Once you open the lid, there is an outburst of a sweet, spicy, and fruity aroma that is strong yet absolutely pleasing. The uniqueness of this honey infusion makes you want to try it and the sweet and spicy flavour from the honey and chilli is what makes you want more.

This infused honey is worth a try! Its uniqueness and the burst of flavours it produces is worth giving your juices and other dishes a little twist.