Honest Farmers, Traditional Farming & Natural Herbs and Spices

Relationships to Inspire Future Farmer Generations

We care for our farmers’ wellbeing. We select trustworthy farmers from remote villages and onboard them. We work with them as one team. We create solar dryers, provide tools, machinery. We make sure they have what they need to thrive.

We identify the herbs and spices they can grow in their villages. We give them seeds to grow and experiment.

By helping farmers keep their traditional practices, they leave behind a richer land for future generations.

Pure Natural Products for Your Healthy Family

We look for quality and purity in all our ingredients, and we will not have it any other way. Providing pure, high-quality products for conscious customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We handpick the ingredients directly from our farmers. We monitor the processing at every critical checkpoint to rule out any hazards.

We always test the products on ourselves first. We send them to FSSAI approved labs for testing. Only when we get favourable test reports, we release them to our shelves

Embracing Eco Friendly Packaging

We are in the process of making our packaging friendly to mother nature. We are discovering new ways of packaging, so they have a minimum carbon footprint.

Our products are packed in Shillong. We send them to our warehouses in Lucknow and Pune. They are then delivered to customers across India.

Just Like Your Extended Family

The moment you make a purchase, you join our community of over 10000+ people. To each of us at Zizira, you are no less than our extended family.

We are available to listen to your queries and concerns. Just as families need to talk regularly, we are always looking for your recommendations and feedbacks.

We go to great length to make sure your requests are fulfilled and that you are 100% satisfied.