What Are the Health Benefits of Earthy Tropical Green Tea?

Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest beverages in the world. It is loaded with a whole lot of antioxidants that have a sufficient amount of health benefits which include fat loss, improves the function of the brain, protects against rare diseases, and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Here are a few 12 health benefits of Earthy Tropical green tea:

  1. Rich in healthy bioactive compounds - Green tea is not just a hydrating beverage but it is a plant that contains a number of healthy compounds that makes it the healthiest beverage. It is rich in polyphenols which are natural compounds that reduce inflammation. It also contains catechins which are natural antioxidants that help in preventing cell damage. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is one of the catechins present in green tea that is the main component that gives the tea its medicinal properties. Green tea also possesses small amounts of minerals that are beneficial for your health.
  2. May improve the function of the brain - Green tea helps in boosting the function of the brain as it has the active ingredient caffeine, which is known as a stimulant. The caffeine content in it is not so much as coffee but it has enough of it to produce a response. It affects the brain by blocking inhibitory neurotransmitters. It also improves various aspects of brain function which include mood, reaction time, and memory. Caffeine is not the only compound in green tea that helps in boosting the brain, but it also contains amino acid which increases the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitters that causes anxiety. It has been reported that drinking green tea makes the energy level stable and produces more productivity.
  3. Helps in burning out fat - It increases the burning of body fat as it boosts metabolic rate. The caffeine content in it may also help in improving physical performance by stimulating fatty acids from fat tissues and making them available as energy this further may boost the metabolic rate and increase the burning of body fats.
  4. Rich in antioxidants - Oxidative damage leads to chronic inflammation which further leads to chronic diseases. Antioxidants help in protecting the cells from oxidative damage. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants. Studies indicate that people who drink green tea are less prone to develop various types of rare diseases. Roselle is rich in antioxidants and its consumption may help in reducing the risk of rare diseases. It also helps protect the liver because these natural antioxidants help in boosting the body’s own antioxidant defences.
  5. May protect the brain - Green tea does not only improve the function of the brain but it also protects it from age-related problems. Alzheimer’s disease (continuous decline in thinking) is a common neurodegenerative disorder that is caused by older adults. Another neurodegenerative disorder is Parkinson’s disease (a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement which often includes tremors). Studies show that the catechins that are present in green tea have various effects on neurons and lowers the risk of dementia (a condition where there is a decline in memory).
  6. May help prevents type 2 diabetes - In recent years, the rate of people suffering from diabetes are drastically increasing. People suffering from it have elevated blood sugar levels, which is caused due to the inability to produce insulin. Green tea may help in improving insulin sensitivity and reduce the blood sugar level which may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Curcumin helps in sensitizing insulin and helps in lowering the glucose level. These properties in it may help in dealing with both type1 (do not produce insulin) and type 2 (do not respond to insulin) diabetes.
  7. May help in preventing cardiovascular diseases - Heart diseases and stroke are cardiovascular diseases that lead to death. Green tea has shown to improve some main factors that cause these diseases which include improving the LDL (bad cholesterol levels) and the overall cholesterol levels. It also improves the antioxidant capacity of the blood that helps in protecting the LDL particles from the oxidation process which is also one of the partway towards heart diseases. Therefore, people who drink green tea have a lower risk of cardiovascular disorders. Curcumin may improve the function or health of the thin membrane that covers the inner layer of the heart and blood vessels. This membrane is responsible for regulating blood pressure. When the function of this membrane lowers, it leads to an increased risk of heart diseases. Thus, curcumin as well as gingerol protects the heart against this function and reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  8. May help in losing weight - Green tea helps in boosting the metabolic rate which means that it may help in losing weight. Studies have suggested that green tea may help in reducing body fats, especially in the abdominal area. But regular exercise along with its consumption will help in enhancing this property. Roselle acts by inhibiting the production of amylase which helps in absorbing carbohydrates and starch in the body. By including this honey infusion in your diet, it will prevent the absorption from occurring and thus, helps in weight loss.
  9. May help in reducing anxiety - A cup of green tea may help in reducing symptoms of anxiety-related disorders like generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (unreasonable thoughts and fears that lead to compulsive behaviour), and social anxiety disorder. The presence of caffeine and L-theanine (amino acid) work together and helps in lowering anxiety and influence other functions of the brain such as memory and attention.
  10. May reduce bad breath - The presence of catechins in green tea helps in oral health as well. It suppresses the growth of bacteria which helps in lowering the risk of various infections. The bacteria Streptococcus mutans is commonly found in the mouth which causes plaque leading to cavities and tooth decay. These catechins may help in inhibiting the growth of these bacteria and hence may help in reducing bad breath.
  11. Helps in indigestion - Chronic indigestion causes pain and discomfort in the upper region of the stomach and it is believed that delayed gastric emptying is the main reason for indigestion. Ginger helps in speeding up emptying of the stomach which is beneficial for those who are suffering from the condition of indigestion. Roselle is known for its tonic and diuretic properties. It thus helps in increasing urination and bowel movements. It acts as a laxative and helps deal with constipation.
  12. Ease a cold or flu - It is often told that ginger, turmeric, helps in recovering from a cold or flu. These ingredients help in protecting the respiratory system. The anti-inflammatory gingerols, shaogals in ginger, and the vitamin C content in roselle help in relieving sore throat and also removes viruses and bacteria that cause cold and flu.

How to Use Zizira’s Earthy Tropical Green Tea:

If you are wondering how to make green tea, here is a quick guide for you!

  1. Boil a glass of water in a container.
  2. Let it cool for a few minutes.
  3. Then add a teaspoon of this colourful tea to it.
  4. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes or longer if you like it strong and strain it.
  5. Add some honey for a punch of sweetness.
  6. Enjoy it warm or chilled at any hour of the day!