Lakadong Turmeric Health Benefits

The amazing health benefits of the Lakadong turmeric lie in its bioactive components like curcuminoids, polysaccharides, and other essential oils. Some of the key benefits include –


  1. It can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol in the body
  1. It can boost the immune system and ward off diseases
  1. It may help reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer
  1. It may boost memory and promote a healthy brain
  1. It can help reduce the symptoms of some skin disorders
  1. It may slow down the ageing process and help prevent age-related diseases
  1. It can help reduce sore throat and reduce inflammation


Ing Makhir Ginger Health Benefits


As a potent ginger variety, Ing Makhir is loaded with a number of nutrients and bioactive compounds that are responsible for numerous health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of Ing Makhir ginger:


  1. It can help treat and reduce nausea symptoms
  2. It can help reduce muscle pain and soreness
  3. It has anti-inflammatory effects
  4. It may help in lowering blood pressure
  5. It has antibacterial properties
  6. It can be an effective blood-sugar regulator
  7. It can help in treating chronic indigestion
  8. It can help ease cold and flu symptoms
  9. It has immune-boosting properties
  10. It is effective in improving digestion and known to relieve pain and discomfort in the stomach


Wildflower Honey Health Benefits

Zizira's raw honey online is not just delicious but has plenty of healing properties. Pure wildflower raw honey offers many health benefits that other varieties are unable to provide, such as –


  1. It can bring relief from seasonal allergies
  2. It can help strengthen the immune system
  3. It can provide relief from upper respiratory infections
  4. It can help boost healing of wounds and reduce infection
  5. It can help treat digestive issues like diarrhoea
  6. It may help soothe sore throats
  7. It may stimulate metabolism and aid in weight loss