This blend of Tummy ease lakadong powder is formulated by infusing the goodness of thoughtfully selected ingredients such as Lakadong turmeric, Black pepper, Potentilla fulgens, and Pinecone ginger. As the name suggests Lakadong turmeric Tummy Ease, Lakadong turmeric powder makes the majority of the ingredients in the formulation process due to the multitude of benefits. Zizira Lakadong turmeric powder is known to have 7 to 12% of curcumin content, and thus enhances the medicinal attributes of this wellness blend immensely. The other ingredients of this blend such as black pepper, Potentilla fulgens, and Pinecone ginger are also sourced eco-responsibly from the remote villages in Meghalaya. Zizira strives to bring the best of pure, natural products that are devoid of any chemical additives, adulteration directly to your doorstep from the organic farmers.

Flavour of Tummy Ease

Tummy Ease has been created with the intention of relieving indigestion and dealing with various stomach issues because having a healthy digestive system can go a long way in impacting overall health.
Therefore, this blend has been formulated with the purpose of using natural and unique ingredients in combination with our very own Lakadong turmeric to enhance the effects as well as to eliminate unwanted toxins from the body.
The bright mustard yellow Tummy ease powder has an extremely strong flavour that comes from Potentilla fulgens and pinecone ginger which is exceptionally indescribable.
You will love the strong, fresh, and pleasant aroma it produces accompanied by a strong taste that might be too much for someone who prefers milder flavours, but it is worth it.
A perfect blend that will help in getting rid of all the stomach problems that we go through every day. It will keep your gut strong and leave you feeling light and fit.