What Are the Ingredients in Lakadong Gold?

This basic yet beneficial Lakadong Gold Turmeric Tea blend is a combination of amazing ingredients that are directly and traditionally sourced from our farmers. It consists of our very own Lakadong turmeric, Ginger, and Black pepper.

Lakadong Turmeric: Lakadong Turmeric is a special variety of turmeric from a place called ‘Lakadong’, in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. It is known for its medicinal qualities as the Curcumin content in it is between 7 to 9%, which is one of the highest, as against 2 to 3% in most varieties of turmeric. Curcumin in it is responsible for its bright yellowish-orange colour along with its incredible medicinal properties. This component also determines its value. So, the higher the curcumin level the higher the value.

Ginger: Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Renowned for its taste elevating properties and is a must-have in Asian cooking. It is loaded with essential nutrients and bioactive components that have powerful benefits for the body. People have been using ginger for cooking as well as medicines since ancient times.

The unique fragrance and flavour of this spice come from its natural oils, gingerol. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound that is responsible for many of its medicinal properties. It provides powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is a popular home remedy for nausea, stomach disorders, and various other health issues.

Black pepper: Known as the king of spice as it is widely loved and extensively used by people all over the world. Black pepper’s signature aroma emanates from the berries of the tropical Piper nigrum vine, one among the thousand species of the Piperaceae family. Black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple but is used medicinally in ancient medicines. It has active component piperine which does all the magic! It is responsible for all the health benefits that it provides and also works by supporting the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system.


Our Lakadong Gold has been created as a basic tea blend for someone who prefers the addition of healthy ingredients in their tea. Therefore, our Lakadong Gold was formulated with the purpose of it being a golden tea blend as well as basic golden milk made with the famous Lakadong turmeric from the hills of Meghalaya.

It has a strong pleasant flavour accompanied by a hint of pungency from the ginger. Perfect addition in your morning and evening teas as well as in milk. A must-have in every Indian kitchen. This blend will transform your simple tea or milk into a beautiful yet extremely beneficial health drink that comes with strong flavours and the feeling that accompanies it is remarkably satisfying.

The bright and beautiful yellow powder is loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients that makes your cup of tea or milk rich, appealing, and extremely healthy. Once you open the lid, you will be delighted by its pleasant and flavoursome aroma that sizzles in the air and lingers in the mouth.

A perfect natural tea blend that can be enjoyed all year-round and is a perfect drink to relish before a goodnight's sleep.