A Notice For All Our Dear Customers!

Dear valued Zizira customer,

You would have got an email or notification from us with a message about our recent decision. We understand that it might have been a big surprise. But hear us out and read on.

You’re the FIRST to know what Zizira is excited about!

2 Secrets for Our Special Customers:

1. Zizira is Pivoting to focus on: Fresh Roasted Coffee from the Farms of Northeast India. Stay Tuned… we can’t wait to tell you more.

Visit 7000 Steps Coffee Website Here!

2. Zizira will no longer focus on: ... our Flagship Product - Lakadong Turmeric. We are also removing honey, herbs and spices on offer.

Now that you know the secret, get your Lakadong Turmeric, Spices, Blends, and Honey orders while they last. Click Here To Order Now!.

Why the Changes?

We have always worked to fulfil our mission of ‘Making Farmers Famous’. We started this journey 6 years ago. We travelled, hiked, and sourced treasures from our beautiful state of Meghalaya. We had ups and downs, we failed, we learnt, and we grew. Today we can proudly say, our biggest accomplishment is the stories we told about our flagship product: pristine unadulterated Lakadong Turmeric.

You have been a BIG part of our success. Thank you! Without you we would not have been able to make “Lakadong Farmers Famous”. Farmers throughout Meghalaya are growing, selling, and profiting like never before.

Today The Economic Times of India featured Meghalaya’s Chief Minister’s news to bring Lakadong Turmeric to the WORLD. Click Here To Learn More. Hint: Another good reason to buy a stock of Zizira Lakadong while supplies last! 😊

We are just as excited as our Lakadong Turmeric Farmers as this will pave the way for exponential growth that you will be part of. 🤗🙏

Here’s another reminder that our stock clearance sale is going on. So, don’t miss out on this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. And please stay tuned as we are very excited about what’s coming next.

With love, Team Zizira

We Still Have Something For You!

On a side note, we are running a highly discounted clearance sale for retail and wholesale bulk orders.

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