Dear Zizira Family


The COVID-19 pandemic is taking over the world at an alarming rate. While the governments of states and countries are doing everything to control the spread, we want to do our part to protect everyone connected with us in any way.

Our office is in Shillong, Meghalaya and so far, this state has not found any confirmed case of Coronavirus. However, we are already being very careful. The safety of our employees and communities is our top priority and we are taking responsible precautions to be safe to prevent the spread of this virus wherever we can.

Some of our team members are working from home and those who need to be at the office are isolated in one place.

For now, we are accepting prepaid orders only and we are doing our best to fulfil your needs and serve you with your requirements. Many state governments have given orders of lockdowns and this might affect our deliveries in the next coming weeks.

We apologize as there might be unpredictable delay in your orders and we hope you will be patient with us. We will continue updating you about delivery and you can contact us anytime at for any queries.

We encourage all our friends to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your health and that of others. It is everyone’s responsibility to stop the spread of this virus.

Over the last few years, Zizira team has faced many challenges and has emerged stronger and wiser with a deeper sense of purpose. We will persevere through this challenge too with your support and understanding.

We appreciate your loyalty and patience.

Stay home and stay healthy.


Zizira Team