Zizira is an unconventional disruptive entrepreneurial venture in Shillong in North East India, focused on untapping the potential of agriculture in the region.​

The Northeast region of India is rich in resources and it's farming potential is under-utilized because of various limitations.

At the core of Zizira lies a passion to release the potential of farmers and farming in Meghalaya.

A lady farmer in a pady field

Zizira chooses to work only with farmers who are willing to make a difference through their value of the transformational power of work.​ We aspire to make a difference in farmers' lives by equipping them with entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, and business knowledge.

Zizira does not work through intermediaries (middleman). We work directly with farmers so that the true value of their products can be felt by customers, without depriving the farmers of their credit. Zizira pays the farmers a fair price, and open markets for their produce.​

By honoring diligent and hard-working farmers, we inspire other farmers, as well as the future farmers to do the same. This also helps Zizira create unique, pure products our customers treasure.

We believe in serving only the best to the customers, which is reflected in the quality of our products. Zizira values purity and ensures that the farmers' produce is not contaminated with pesticides and harmful substances.

When you buy Zizira's products, together we create the process of regenerative and sustainable farming. Together we are making farmers famous.

Long Term Relationship With Farmers

Field visits to meet farmers is an important activity for Zizira. This is something you may have noticed. And we follow up the field visits to meet farmers with reports on what the team heard, saw and learnt.

The objective being to understand the world of farmers by seeking answers to questions like:

  1. What are the farmers cultivating?
  2. Do they get adequate returns for the 'investments' they make by way of labor and money?
  3. Is it easy to reach their produce to the market?
  4. What are their pain points?
  5. Where do they need help, if any?
  6. Normally, most of them follow organic farming. But, do they know the value of following organic farming?
  7. Are they aware that the Government of India and the Government of Meghalaya are promoting organic farming?

A lady farmer in a pady field Find out what is unique about Meghalaya and the potential of the land. Download e-book.

Zizira wants to bring the hidden potential of NE India to the fore by creating a market for the natural and healthy produce that grow in abundance here. To realize the potential of family farms in the Northeast India. 

Read all about field visits by the team to different villages in Meghalaya.

Be prepared to be surprised by the quality and the taste!

Follow our blog posts for reports from the fields and about the unique products of NE India. Get to know Meghalaya and other States of Northeast India!

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