Lakadong Turmeric | 150g

Inarguably one of the best turmeric varieties out there, the Lakadong turmeric is revered for its rich flavour, aroma, and high curcumin content.

One pinch of this golden spice is enough to bring depth to your dishes and make them stand out. For a spice that you use almost every single day in your kitchen, you deserve the best!

Honeycomb | 200g

Sourced from the lush forests of Meghalaya, Zizira’s honeycomb is infused with different flavours derived from the different wildflowers the bees feed on in the forest.

Thick and viscous, the wildflower honey has a distinct citrusy aroma owing to the large number of fruit and coffee trees that grow around the beehives from where it is collected.

Sweet, tangy, and refreshing to the palate, this honeycomb is truly raw honey at its purest!