Lakadong Turmeric (150g)

Zizira brings you the purest and the freshest Lakadong turmeric, known for its high curcumin content. It is directly sourced from a place called Lakadong along the foothills of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. The high curcumin level in Zizira Lakadong turmeric powder ranging from 6-9% greatly enhances its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Zizira is the leading Lakadong turmeric supplier in India, offering freshly grounded Lakadong root without any added colour, flavours, or chemicals that are commonly added to inexpensive turmeric found in the market. The bright yellowish-orange colour of Zizira's Lakadong turmeric along with its distinct earthy flavour of turmeric will make you want to replace your daily turmeric with this healthier version.

You only need a little amount of Lakadong turmeric to get the same colour and taste as ordinary turmeric!

Pure Wildflower Honey (300g)

Our premium pure wildflower raw honey is extracted, unblended, and cold-filtered to help preserve the natural proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and useful enzymes. Our hives are sited in carefully picked wildflower meadows during the summer months to ensure that the bees can produce the best raw honey in India.

The delightful complex flavour and aroma of our raw honey are left undisturbed as no artificial flavours are added to it. However, the taste and the composition of our wildflower honey will depend on the type of flower the nectar is originated from. Buy high quality and truly healthy raw honey online in India from Zizira at the most affordable price. If you are looking for the best raw honey brands in India, do not look beyond Zizira!

Lakadong Ker (80g)

A golden milk blend from Zizira, Lakadong Ker is an all natural golden milk or haldi doodh blend that can be enjoyed all year-round and is a perfect drink to relish before bedtime to get a good night's sleep. It comes with the goodness of a rich array of health-aiding ingredients.

Lakadong turmeric, ginger, black cardamom, long pepper, and black pepper are the key ingredients that enable the exquisite flavour of this fine blend. 

Zizira's Lakadong Ker has a strong flavour with a hint of pungency from ginger. Perfect golden milk is a must-have in every household. This blend will transform your simple glass of milk into a beautiful yet extremely beneficial health drink that has strong flavours, and the feeling that accompanies it is exceptionally satisfying.

To retain its potency for longer, it is advised to be kept away from direct sunlight, stoves, ovens.