Bhut Jolokia | 25g

Once considered to be one of the hottest chillies in the world, Zizira’s Bhut Jolokia comes from Manipur. Despite its extreme spiciness, Bhut Jolokia has a sweetish, fruity taste which makes it a perfect ingredient for your curries, chutneys, and pickles.

Szechuan Pepper | 60g

Szechuan pepper or Sichuan Pepper is an essential spice used in Asian cuisines. It is known for the mouth-tingling sensation it leaves and its fragrant aroma, which resembles that of lavender. The spice has a peppery, citrus-like flavour and a unique aroma.

It is used in the seasoning of chicken, fish, eggplant curries and mixed with chutneys. At times, even the tender leaves of the tree are added, to elevate the taste in fish curries.

Ing Makhir Ginger | 90g

One pinch of this super ginger and it’s enough to bring depth and heat to your dishes. The Ing Makhir ginger is unlike any ginger you’ve ever had before. A special ginger variety that’s native to Meghalaya, the Ing Makhir ginger has a very potent flavour and aroma.