We do our best to provide a good working culture and to attract the good people. Zizira offers a vibrant professional environment for those who love to learn, are sincere and want to grow.

Zizira provides a work environment that is:

Collaborative: A team where members actively interact by sharing experiences and learn or attempt to learn something together..
These include both face-to-face conversations and virtual discussions (online forums, chat rooms, etc.).
Team members work together, communicate and learn from each other to give our customers top-notch quality work.

One where you get ongoing feedbacks:  Zizira practices instant and constant feedback on areas that need improvement. We call this candor. This makes it easy to adapt and change, and helps every team member grow.

One where you could feel the pressure: Yes, this is a reality. There may be pressures to multi-task, to meet strict deadlines. So, you will need the ability to work under pressure, while continuing to maintain excellent quality.

One where you get to learn: Zizira provides opportunities for on-the-job-learning, as well as access to online training modules, books, and DVDs. One condition though, if you learn useful tips on how to do your job better, then share the same with your colleagues!

One where taking initiatives and being proactive are encouraged: We believe you are responsible for your growth and that of the company. So, you are expected to know what you have to do; you do not need to wait for someone to tell you what to do.

It is found that individuals who are unable to take constructive criticism or are unable to speak up positively and openly with a positive attitude, find it difficult to fit in Zizira.

Do you have it in you to be a Zizirian?

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