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Good flavour

Good flavour & seems pure

Good product

Maintain the quality

Zizira Szechuan Pepper - 1kg


Good but too expensive

7-9% Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder - 1kg

Lakadong Turmeric

First time we are trying it. The aroma and colour seems quite mild compared to the organic turmeric that we have bought in Bangalore

7-9% Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder - 1kg

Great - can you give some guidance on how best to prepare it? Traditional filter or French press or drip or just boil
I use drip - tastes good but would like your expert advise

Worst delivery..

No complaint against the products..

Zizira Szechuan Pepper - 1kg
Seema Arora Nambiar

Super product.

Satisfying cup

As recommended the coarse-grind pourOver was nice, fragrant. Would’ve wanted more body. So I did the same grind on moka. I liked it better because it was stronger while still fragrant and no acidity. Ill grind finer next week and see the results. Overall, I like the aroma and the fact that so far there’s no acidity nor any acrid ending. If you have variations of mix and roasts then do let me know. Thanks!


Good for our type of cooking

7000 Steps 100% Arabica Hand Roasted Coffee | 200g

Pure Wildflower Raw Honey from Meghalaya - 500g




I'm sad that u are going to stop selling turmeric and other products that I loved..

I hv ordered honey-turmeric combo of 500g each on 17 April but till today i.e 16 May no updates no response.

7000 Steps 100% Arabica Hand Roasted Coffee | 200g

Loved the Tummy Ease turmeric

It is the best cure for a healthy tummy. It works like magic and now my whole family uses it.

Rejuvenate Me Tea | 100g

Zizira Essentials Pack (Lakadong Turmeric + Ing Makhir Ginger + Raw Wildflower Honey) with basket
Leesham Mossang

Best items received in a wonderful basket.

It’s very difficult to ascertain or judge the quality of ur turmeric. Can’t say with certainty abt quality. However I believe that it’s good since cultivated in pollution free (mountains) terrains.

My turmeric

I have this every morning

Appreciation of Zizira’s produce

I am fully satisfied with the products I used in chennai. 💐💐💐👍🌹👏👏