Farmers Community – An Important Lifeline

With over 70% of India’s population engaged in agriculture, bringing cereals, vegetables, fruits and other farm products to our table, the farmer community is, no doubt, our lifeline.

Presently, the country is witnessing many skilled, as well as the educated population, widely accepting agriculture as an employment option. They have realized the potential in agriculture, which is why a few Top B school graduates are giving up their dream jobs to become farmers.

Potential in Agriculture farmers community important life line Meghalaya

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Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat are some examples of States whose economy relies on agriculture and are doing exceptionally well. But, this is not the same in the North-East of India.

Most people are giving up on agriculture and looking for livelihood alternatives. The main reason, one can say, is the lack of markets. As farmers in this region are primarily engaged in traditional ways of agriculture, which is very labor intensive, it is disheartening to see that their hard work is not being adequately compensated.

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Zizira a Way for Farmers Community

To counter this issue, the North-Eastern Region of India has Zizira, an organization for change, which pioneers new ideas, and making sure these ideas are communicated. With a vision to prove the agricultural potential of North-East India, it encourages farmers to consider farming as a sustainable livelihood activity by opening markets for them and making sure ideas, strategies and efforts can lead the way to a better farmers community.

The rich resources in the land of North- East, ranging from fruits to herbs, makes Zizira want to stand up for the farmers and their people and see them benefit. It has created an online market to make sure that the rest of India too gets a taste of the North-East and its rich resources.

By doing so, Zizira believes it is making a difference to the farmers of the region who are hardworking, yet face hardships to reach buyers.

Zizira Team Making A Difference To The Farmers Community

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