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Autumn in Meghalaya is a happening time, much to tourists’ delight. The last few weeks of balmy weather before Christmas makes it more inviting. The autumn of 2016 was extra special in Shillong! The city hosted the first ever Cherry Blossom festival in India. Hearing about it made the Zizira explorers want to find out more.

We are sharing what we found out about the festival and about the history of Cherry Blossom in Shillong. Read on. You may have heard of cherry blossom festival in Japan? Or cherry blossoms in the broad avenues of Washington DC. But in Meghalaya? The inaugural for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Shillong, was held at the Polo Grounds, on the 14th of November 2016. Dr. Mukul Sangma, Meghalaya’s Chief Minister, declared the festival open. The Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (IBSD) partnered with the government to organize this festival. In the inaugural speech, the Chief Minister said:

“This festival is meant to showcase the State, its rich bio-diversity and vast potential for Eco-Tourism and associated sectors. The Cherry Blossom Festival will brand Meghalaya to the outside world as the one component that draws attention to, and complements, other attractions of the State. There is absolute necessity to preserve the bio-diversity of natural resources so that they can be the source of our sustainable livelihood and prosperity"

In the autumn season when the State explodes in blooms of many hues, the soft pink bursts of Cherry Blossoms out-shine everything else and dominates the autumn scene. They are literally everywhere, drawing our attention to nature’s beauty.  See the image of cherry blossom tree in Ward’s Lake, Shillong.

Cherry blossom tree in Ward's lake Shillong

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How Did Cherry Blossom Reach Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is home not only to unique horticultural crops and fruits but also of plants of medicinal and ornamental value, like the Cherry Blossom. But is the Cherry Blossom, also known as the Wild Himalayan Cherry, native to Meghalaya?

Here is some interesting information Kong Mena Sohliya, who has retired from Forest Department way back in the 70s, shared with us:

The then Chief Secretary, Mr. Nari K.Rustomji, brought the first seeds from Japan and scattered them in the forested area around his residence in Shillong. He later ordered the then District Forest Officer, late Mr. Wahlang, to transplant the saplings to the banks of the Umkhrah near Polo Grounds, Ward’s Lake and Lady Hydari Park.  Later, the Forest Department (and the birds) propagated it elsewhere around the city. That’s how we now have these beauties!”

(Kong is a respectful way of addressing women in Khasi, the language of Meghalaya)

What is Cherry Blossom?

The Cherry Blossom, Prunus cerasoides, of the family Rosaceae is called Dienglieng in Khasi. This deciduous, medium hardwood, can grow up to about 30 meters high, in altitudes of 1200-2400 metres. One of the multipurpose trees of the Himalayan Range, it is also grown as a framework tree for restoration of evergreen forests in dry tropical lands.

Cherry blossom tree in  Meghalaya

Cherry Blossom tree is said to have therapeutic properties. Some of its uses are:

  Purpose Uses
01 Medicinal Skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, skin pigmentation; sprains, wounds, insect bites;prevention of abortion, asthma, joint pains, backaches etc; as emollient in skin creams etc
02 Aesthetic Furniture, picture frames, walking sticks etc; organic dyes – green from leaves and grey from fruits; beads from seeds
03 Ornamental Gardens and parks
04 Animal Feed Fodder (leaves) for domestic animals; nectar to the bees

In Khasi traditional medicine it is used mainly for treating various skin problems and backaches. Cherry blossoms thus provide more than their ornamental value.

The Zizira Commitment

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