Customer Stories: Why customers love our Zizira Essentials Pack

I am back with another blog about customer experience. Just like the last one I am stumbling over words here again as it is always so difficult to pin down all the emotions and experience of our customer. But let’s go for it.

Today, I am going to talk about our best-selling combo which is the Zizira Essential Basket. It comprises of the must-have spices in the Indian kitchen. As you know by now, in Zizira we source our spices grown in Meghalaya, directly from our farmers and beekeepers. We want to create a stable market for our farmers and beekeepers. 

The Product: Zizira Essentials Pack

This combo is one of our proudest ideas yet. We put our heart and soul into this combo pack, just so you can experience the precious bounty of Meghalaya that is these amazing ingredients.

It contains Meghalaya spices which is our Lakadong Turmeric, Ing Makhir ginger powder, our Pure Wildflower Raw Honey and a traditional hand-woven basket. Trust me the basket is really cute, and we’ve had customers already coming back and ordering this fine combo again.

All these spices and even the honey are sourced directly from the farmers and beekeepers. They are naturally grown without any use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Even our beekeeper follows very ethical practices in terms of beekeeping.

Zizira Essentials Pack

I still remember the day we launched this combo. In two weeks’ time, we were already out of baskets. Truthfully, we didn’t anticipate that the combo would receive so much love from our customers. We had to keep more than a handful of orders pending. The whole team were scrambling to find and connect with weavers for baskets so that we could fulfill the order.

I must say we have the best customers who understood our situation and gave their immense support. They waited patiently for their orders and ultimately, we were able to fulfill those orders.

Okay, I am going off topic now. Coming back to the combo, it consists of the mighty Lakadong Turmeric, which is known for its high curcumin content, Ing Makhir ginger which is known for its medicinal properties and highly potent compared to the common ginger root, and raw honey which is sweet and sourced directly from the hive.

Through this this combo, we were able to partner with many weavers and were able to find a market for them as well. The baskets take an awful lot of time to make since they are hand weaved. The process is not an easy one and the workforce is small scale in its very essence.

I am sure when you place an order for this basket you will experience a whole lot of Meghalaya.

Customer Experiences

Now comes the difficult part, writing down the amazing experience by our customers. Just as how I love sharing about the impact we’ve had on our farmer partners and beekeepers’ lives, it also gives me so much joy talking about our customers and their experience and stories involving our products.

Each call with our customer is so beautiful and there is so much to learn from their valuable feedbacks. There have been many times when I got so emotional talking with our customer and listening to their stories.

Let me share few lovely stories with you.

We'll start off with our Gaurav T who tried our combo and shared an amazing review,

“It shows the authenticity, and the flavours are genuine no doubt on that. I am sure I am gonna recommend others and buy more from Zizira.. Good work 👍👍”

Isn’t it always awesome to hear when your customers say they will recommend your products? Well, it sure does make me happy.

Let’s read another review by Sarjerao, that goes like:

'''Zizira your ingredients are really very natural. I like your all products, I hope you should keep best quality in future, best of luck that farmers and Zizira team''

Another beautiful review by our customer who has tried almost all our products. These beautiful wishes for the farmers and us alike, enough to melt anyone’s heart.

We do have days when our farmers visit us, and we take every opportunity to share these customer reviews with them. I wish I could put it down in writing those heartfelt emotions that was shared at those exact moments. The joy in our farmers eyes knowing that their beautiful produce is loved by so many people all over India is simply the most humbling sight to see.

Let’s hear from Deepak who place his first order with Zizira, and it so happened to be the Zizira Essential Basket. Here is what he had to say,

''At first, I was a bit sceptical about buying the product, but then when I really received and used it, I realized it was the best quality I've ever used.''

This is truly an overwhelming experience for me. It is indeed always very difficult for anyone to trust a brand initially but imagine the amazing feeling of receiving a product and instantly falling in love with it. That’s probably what Deepak was feeling when he received the Zizira Essentials Pack.

At Zizira, we believe in full transparency in whatever we are selling. I think gaining Deepak’s trust and his support made it all worthwhile.

Sapna, another satisfied customer gave her immense love and support. Here is her experience with Zizira Essential Basket,

''I like the sharing on Instagram. It shows real attention to what is created and the farmers..they are so amazing.''

We want every customer to have the best experience ever. Their love and support means a lot to us.

Dharmaraj also share his satisfying experience with the product but there was an issue with leakage with the honey bottle. Nonetheless, he was pretty satisfied with the products in the combo.

''Quality was good .... only issue Honey needs proper packing as it had leaked out. Satisfied with the products''

As I mentioned earlier, every feedback is valuable to us. We did work on the issue and now we have taken extra steps in packing the products properly, and extra care is also taken while in transit.

We want our customer to have the best experience with us and each day we learn and strive to be better. I think our customers’ love and support plays an important role in boosting our morale. Through their constant love and support, we are able to work and grow together each day.

Talking with customers and knowing their experience has been the best part of my job I must say.


I can go on sharing these reviews and experience, but that would mean going over 200+ and counting reviews! So, it would be best if I end it here for now.

If you are looking for Meghalaya spices, then you should definitely give it a try. Who knows, I might be talking to you next asking about your experience with this fine combo.

Until then, take care and stay safe!

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