Amazing Health Benefits of Ing Makhir Fit Tea

It seems today that every individual is joining the gym to live a healthy life, hence going natural is an option that people prefer. Ing makhir fit tea is the solution to stay fit and healthy. Not only does the tea have its benefit, but the Ing Makhir itself has different properties that will benefit the people with medicinal value and in the kitchen as well. Nothing is as effective to beat cold and flu as piping hot and delicious Ing Makhir tea.

Ing Makhir is fresh ginger which has very pungent taste and hot flavour thanks to the substance called gingerol present in it. Rich in vitamin C and magnesium ginger gives many benefits for health. Zingiber Rubens is the scientific name for the Ing Makhir that is found in Meghalaya. It is also known as Iching in Garo. This strain has more potent medicinal properties and commands a high price in the market.

How the Local People of Meghalaya Use This Indigenous Ginger Root

This is a spice that is found in Meghalaya and it has high medicinal values. It is one of the most popular spices found in this region. It is used both for culinary and health purposes. It is commonly used during winter season where the local Khasi people cook the local dish called tungrymbai.

Till today whenever I’m down with a cold my mother mixes Ing Makhir with honey and pepper or she will make the spice into a paste and add a small amount of warm water to fight the sickness.

For toothache my Grandma would take a piece of Ing Makhir and make it into a paste and place it on the aching tooth. A few minutes later the pain would subside.

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When I was an infant my parents would feed me with a very popular local medicine which is known as dawai Niangsohpet mainly for proper functioning of the digestive system. It is a medicine that is made by boiling twenty types of plant parts for several hours and hence after boiling it a few pieces of Ing Makhir is added to the mixture and I had to take it twice daily.

This medicine is very popular till today and most of the local people use this medicine to fight different digestive problem.

My grandaunt lives in the village and every day she and her kids go to the field for agricultural purposes and they usually stay the night if they can’t finish work early, therefore they never forget to carry Ing Makhir with them because there are many snakes out there and before they sleep they cut the ginger into small pieces and keep it all around their tent since snakes cannot take the smell of the spice. Hence the spice also acts as a snake repellent.

I find it fascinating to reflect on how this ancient root has touched my own family. From my experience Ing Makhir is one of the most powerful plant since it can fight many diseases and it is easily available.

It does not only help us cure from cold and cough, but it can help improve the digestive system and many other health problems. Its unique properties not only have medical values, but it is a plant that can be used to cook delicious food items and it can be used in many forms either in a form of a paste, powder or even by itself.

Apart from its culinary magic, the other side of ginger’s popularity is its enormous usefulness as one of nature’s most potent medicinal plant ever known. It is a plant that is affordable and easily available

Ginger Root and Its Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Ing Makhir Ginger Fit Tea

With its zesty, peppery flavour and its extensive list of health benefits, ginger root is equal parts delicious and nutritious. It’s versatile, easy to use and has been associated with everything from beating motion sickness to better brain function.

The health benefits of ginger are largely due to its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and content of therapeutic compounds like gingerol, shogaol, paradol and zingerone. The following are the a few health benefits of the root:

  1. Relieve nausea: If we feel nauseous due to whatever reason, drinking ginger tea or mixing ginger with warm water may help one  feel better.
  2. Manage inflammation: Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties have been well-known throughout history. Taking it as tea may help remedy muscle and joint pain after a strenuous workout.
  3. Strengthen the immune system: The numerous antioxidants found in ginger may help boost the immune system, thereby helping reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases.
  4. Promote stomach health: taking a piece of ginger may help boost stomach health by reducing the effects of chronic indigestion.
  5. Ease respiratory conditions: Ginger may help relieve inflammation related to the respiratory system, such as asthma, allowing one to breathe better

Health Benefits of Ing Makhir Fit Tea

ing makhir ginger fit tea

Gathering with friends and family members to enjoy good food, drinks, music, and company is the perfect way to celebrate your loved one’s accomplishments.

Many families choose to host the event in their own backyard, while others might organise it in a local park or even rent out a restaurant space. Whichever venue we choose one of the most popular beverage we all need is tea which helps us stay hydrated especially in the hot summer weather.

While mocktails and soda are always popular party choices, one refreshing drink that our friends and family members are sure to appreciate is flavourful, thirst-quenching fit ice tea.

Since in today’s day and age people are more health conscious especially with the increase in pollution, Zizira,  a company that encourages traditional farming and also producing medicinal value products, came up with the Ing Makhir fit tea which has different health benefits like increasing energy and  burn belly fat in a natural way, it also helps increase metabolism, help in reducing fat absorption by the body and provide an energy boost, increase mental awareness and strengthen the immune system.

The Ing Makhir fit tea also helps in treating motion sickness, it improves blood circulation, boosts immunity, reduces stress, etc.

Additional Benefits of the Ingredients in the Ing Makhir Fit Tea

Green tea, Lemongrass and Szechuan peppercorns, Ing Makhir Fit tea can be paired with a healthy diet plan. The blend will help speed up metabolism, help in reducing fat absorption by the body and provide an energy boost. The Ing Makhir carries its own health benefits from boosting metabolism, lowers cholesterol, increases mental awareness and strengthens the immune system to name a few.

Fit Tea Recipe:

Try out the recipe below or make your own variation.


  • 2 teaspoons Ing Makhir Fit Tea
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 teaspoons lime or lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • ice cubes


Fill kettle with water, heat it over a stove, place one teaspoon of the tea in any container or pot and pour the hot water over the tea cover the container and let the tea infuse for at least 5-6minitues. Add honey and lemon juice, stir and let it cool. Use a strainer and pour it in a cup over ice.

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