Curing Cancer with Curcumin - Bhadresh Tells His Story

Could Curcumin Cure Cancer?

Everyone talks about cancer. Few know about curcumin. But is it true that curcumin in turmeric could cure this deadly disease, called cancer? Here is an interview with Bhadresh, who has been a  loyal customer of Zizira. He has been promoting turmeric to cancer patients for a few years now and knows the role turmeric has in curing cancer.

Bhadresh, here are my questions:

You said you started giving turmeric to family and patients back in 2015. What caused you to start to do this? Is it because you had cancer?

Bhadresh: One of my friends in the USA was able to treat her breast cancer with high uses (4 grams of Curcumin per day). I could not believe this and so she shared a lot of research papers and content regarding the role of curcumin in Cancer and other chronic decease. Then I did an in-depth study regarding cancer curing curcumin and found very interesting and vital information.

These new insights then lead me to start counseling people. Reaching those who had cancer and a few other chronic medical issues. Currently, 5 people known to me, who had cancer and started taking curcumin aggressively, are living their life comfortably. Turmeric also works amazing for the patients who are taking chemotherapy. Curcumin helps chemo to work more effectively when provided along with chemo.

How do patients respond when you tell them to take cancer curing turmeric? Do they follow your advice?

Bhadresh: Most do not believe!!! There is very less awareness regarding this. Since Turmeric is not patented, no one is interested to do research in the medical field on its magical results. MD Anderson University did a lot on this but later they had to stop because of stress from the medical industry. Did you know that turmeric is the only herb which has 1600 research papers? Getting back to the response of my friends and family… many did follow my advice and took the right doses during their course of treatment and post-treatment. With the grace of God, all are fit and fine. I will ask if anyone would like to get his/her story published on your platform. Then I will share individual case history with their permission.

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Do you have one story of a changed life? If yes, how did they take the turmeric? How much and how often?

Bhadresh: Since we cannot ask anybody to stop medical treatment and take only turmeric/curcumin we can’t tell the story of the power of curcumin alone. In the end, all credit goes to the treating doctor. Patients cannot give credit to curcumin alone, as this will make their treating doctor annoyed. From my research, I suggest that a person needs to take at least 4 grams of curcumin a day during treatment and post-treatment. Research indicates that even 16 grams of curcumin have no toxic or negative impact on human. My point to them is that I am not suggesting them to take any chemical – I am just asking them to eat one of our food items that if taken regularly will aggressively fight cancer.

Is taking turmeric a daily habit for you?

Bhadresh: My entire family is taking turmeric/curcumin since 2015. We were using Organic India’s Turmeric formula before I could discover the potent Lakadong from Zizira. We have not seen any doctors since then. I am trying to convince people regarding this amazing herb. I explain that it doesn’t matter how they take it, but they must take a minimum required amount daily.

Lakadong turmeric from Meghalaya has been used to aid medical treatment

You are a professional in the garment industry, but it sounds like you spend a lot of time creating this awareness?

Bhadresh: I spend my time and money giving awareness. This is my passion. If you have any patient, then put me in touch. I will share all the very specific information along with respective research papers to convince him/her. I have a huge amount of information and literature I have collected in the past three years to counsel individuals about their medical challenges. I have done a very in-depth study regarding the medical impact of curcumin. Taking curcumin in higher doses can stop metastatic or progression of cancer. As stated earlier it also has high impact while one is under chemo-therapy treatment of cancer. Curcumin is the only natural answer to the inflammatory aspect underlying most cancers.

A research report found in Life Extension Magazine, written by David Hoffnung states:

Implicated in the onset of 95% of all cancers is a common but under-recognized molecule most people have never heard of: nuclear factor-kappaB or NFkB. …NF-kB triggers the cascade of events that link inflammation with cancer development. Once that process has been initiated, NF-kB continues to fan the flames, contributing to cancer cells’ invasiveness, ability to stimulate a fresh blood supply, and ability to spread by metastasis throughout the body. But our knowledge about the damage done by NF-kB can be turned to good. Almost as soon as it was discovered, forward-thinking researchers recognized that if they could block activation of NF-kB, they might break an essential link in cancer development. We’ve known for nearly 12 years, for example, that we could reduce inflammation in colon cancer cells by treatment with the spice curcumin, a well-known inhibiter of NF-kB activation.

Tell me why you choose Zizira Lakadong Turmeric?

Bhadresh: High doses of curcumin are highly effective to control cancer and even it can cure. I have references from people who are living healthy today because of taking turmeric as their response to their cancer. I encourage people to start taking turmeric regularly is a HIGH PREVENTIVE for cancer and Alzheimer. They can conveniently buy Zizira Lakadong Turmeric, for its highest amount of curcumin. Much higher than normal turmeric which makes this very special for medical use. I emphasize the importance of the potency of curcumin. As David Hoffnung states,

Curcumin is an extraordinary molecule extracted from the spice we know as turmeric. It is among the most potent of the natural inhibitors of NF-kB, and as such has been intensely studied for its anticancer potential. Curcumin is beneficial at all three major stages of carcinogenesis: initiation, progression, and promotion.

By profession, I am a garment exporter. I am actively creating awareness and distribution of Zizira Lakadong Turmeric as a social cause. I visit people and give this turmeric to patients for free and convince them about the amazing advantage of this blessing from mother earth. Please keep your great product and service forever.

Zizira Lakadong has highest amount of Curcumin than normal Turmeric which makes this very special for medical use. Since this is an almost costless treatment, no one is interested to promote this. -Bhadresh Shah.

WOW! Thank you Bhadresh! Now we know turmeric is indeed a wonder spice! That has been an interesting conversation and insight from our customer. We couldn't fathom enough the gifts nature provided us.

Zizira believes in the regenerative power of plants to nourish and restore us to good health. Do you have a story about how plants have helped you heal and revived? Share it with us by commenting below.


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