GI Tag Memang Narang Endemic to Meghalaya
Meghalaya, one of the seven states in the Northeast of India, is known for its unique range of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. We introduce you to Memang Narang, which has got a GI tag of India too.

Meghalaya is home to the mother of all citrus fruits

Nokrek National Park, in the West Garo Hills district of the State of Meghalaya, is home to Citrus Indica (locally known as Memang Narang), or the Wild Orange. This variety is found only in this region of the world.

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The Wild Orange was discovered by chance and this led to Nokrek National Park being recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserves in May 2009. Nokrek National Park has a ‘National Citrus Gene Sanctuary’
This wild orange plant is likely one of the ancestors of today's cultivated citrus fruits, if not the main one. It is considered to be the most "primitive" citrus. It can be used as a citrus rootstock for cultivating citrus. Recent searches of the plant's reported home range confirmed its presence only in Meghalaya, where it grows in the Garo Hills.” Source

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Memang Narang gets the GI tag

It was heartening to read online that Wild Orange or Memang Narang has been given a GI tag. The wild orange is also said to have medicinal qualities that cure problems related to the stomach and also Jaundice. Is it not fascinating? The gene pool of the very first citrus fruit is in Meghalaya? The Khasi orange we relish as well as every other variety of orange in the world could have evolved from Citrus Indica! Want to know more about the unique fruits and vegetables of NE India? At Zizira we have exploratory trips, what we call Epic trips, as part of our mission to discover underutilised and unique produce of Meghalaya.

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