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The Race for Health and Well-being

Being and staying healthy is everyone's desire, and one of people's nagging concerns. Health is the single vital need that's often taken for granted. Until we run into problems. That's one reason why global healthcare industry is thriving. There is any number of health clinics and hospitals. And numerous health companies and products.

On the dark side, packs of quacks compete with genuine healthcare givers. They too offer in package promises of health. Many of them have a singular agenda: to cash in upon your basic need of health. Then another problem arises: you spend, sometimes beyond your means. You hope to hit upon that elixir of total well-being. Fact is, the chase for health is often elusive.

race for health and wellbeing

There is a way you can avoid mindless wasting of your money on healthcare. Nature has pure products, enough to keep you blooming with health and well-being, at a fraction of the cost. That's why we retell this ancient Khasi folk story. It makes sense of Nature's holistic healing gifts. It led (still does) these indigenous folks, to find health the simple way Nature ordained. We hope it will lead you too. So you'll stop falling sick, start living your health and enjoy life as you really should, naturally.

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How the Khasi's Got Plants for Medicine- a Folk Story

Long ago in the land of the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya there lived a couple and their two small children. One day the father fell ill and died. The mother and her two children found themselves without any means of livelihood.

khasi got plants medicine folk story

In their village, there also lived a rich but evil man, a sorcerer, who soon proposed to marry the widow. Although she did not want to marry again, she agreed for the sake of her children. The new husband ill-treated them from the start. Many times they went to bed without food and were very unhappy.

One day the stepfather had to go away on business. The mother took this opportunity to take her children on an outing to a dense forest. They enjoyed their time out and gathered wild edible plants to eat. The mother cooked a meal but as they were about to have it she realized they had no salt. The children told their mother not to bother as they could season the food with ash from burnt wood. She refused to listen and went on ahead, although it was getting dark.

On the way back, however, she lost her way in the darkness. When she didn’t return the children started to worry. They moved about looking for a safe place to spend the night. To their luck, they found a hut in mid-forest that looked unoccupied.

As they entered they found little monkeys inside, eating food. The children were so hungry they snatched the monkeys' food. The animals resisted but could not match the children's strength. They scampered off to their parents who hurried to the hut only to be also shooed away. So the monkeys decided to leave the hut and live on trees, eating only fruits from that time onward.

natural forest and beauty of meghalaya khasi hills

Early the next morning the children's mother found the hut and the children sleeping. She saw there was enough food besides a safe shelter and decided never to return to the cruel husband. As days went by the cruel stepfather got enraged. In his anger, he summoned all the evil spirits through sorcery. He ordered them to inflict every kind of disease on humankind.

Soon everyone began to suffer. Illness and death permeated the earth and the whole of it writhed in anguish. Very soon the good spirits of the waters, hills and dales heard the humans' plaintive cries. They felt sorry for them and reported their plight to God the Creator. God took pity on them and devised a plan to teach humankind the technique of taking care of their health.

He gave them seeds of plants with properties to cure any ailment. He also gave them knowledge and understanding about diseases and their remedies. The herbs not only helped cure but kept them healthy and well. Thus, to this day most Khasi's use Nature's pure products and stay healthy.

Whenever they fall ill they take recourse to plants and herbs to revive and rejuvenate. Illnesses may be minor colds and fevers, or cuts and bruises. They may be major fractures and cancers, or snake-bites or dog-bites. The healers have the right remedies. In fact, on record, there are more than 800 medicinal plants and herbs in the Khasi hills that provide not only nourishment but cures for ailments of every kind.

medicinal plants khasi hills meghalaya

Profound Lessons

There are profound lessons and practical wisdom in this simple story. For one, it underpins Nature's deep connection with our lives. It intertwines and enriches it with health and well-being. Provided we respect her laws.

The woman and her children's predicament identify life's constant changing order. The stepfather, the sorcery and the diseases signify the threats and challenges we face. The forest, the monkeys and the good spirits and God himself are opportunities.

These are guides that help us meet the challenges. God's gift of the seeds and knowledge of herbs unveils for us Nature's plan how to surmount problems. When people applied that knowledge they overcame one of life's greatest adversities. Nature helped them to revive and rejuvenate.

ancient traditions meghalaya

Ancient Khasi's knew that everything they needed was already in place in Nature's bounty. There was a harmonious rhythm in existence. Everything designed was to preserve unbroken, inter-dependent links among the elements. The elements – mineral, animal, vegetable, human and ethereal all existed resonating one another. People showed reverence to that order and reaped rich rewards.

Real Health in Herbs

Modern research now increasingly corroborates what the ancients had always known. Plant phytochemistry now more than ever inspires modern drug formulations. Scientists now know the functions of biologically active compounds in plants. They are their own defense mechanisms against diseases. If these work for plants they will work for other living beings.

No wonder over 50% of modern drugs contain ingredients derived from plants. Over 50% of approved cancer drugs have origins in phytochemicals. The knowledge indigenous healers have came perfected down the generations. The world can no longer ignore this knowledge. These healers may not know the intricate phytochemical compositions of the plants. But they know which remedies work where.

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You Are Zizira’s Mission

That’s why at Zizira we focus on you, our esteemed customer, to give you the best of natural products. For your health, we keep exploring to discover. We uncover pure treasures from the deep repository of tradition’s knowledge bank. Treasures that are safe, wholesome and healthy. They come out from Nature’s lap, raised by the sweat of our farmers’ brows.

Then our own team's unstinting efforts design and add value to these trustworthy offerings. The end result of our explorations emerges in unique, premium products, made with your well-being in mind, worth every cent of your money. Our products bring Nature’s balm to soothe you. They will turn your daily rough and tumble into a smooth cruise so you not only live, you thrive and survive. And enjoy a life accomplished in every respect, revived and rejuvenated every day.

In the end, health will be your least concern. You will have gained your well-being, naturally, almost at no cost. Reach out to us. To hear from you is our delight!

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