Zizira Travels 3000km To Find New Solutions For Meghalaya Farmers
As part of our continuing endeavour to bring the best, modern methods – that could help the huge natural farming movement in Northeast India – to the doorstep of farmers, Zizira has sent a team of four to Bangalore, to visit organizations in the area of food production and technology.

The team of four youths (Badshai, Khraw, Ibansara and Joplin) will undergo a five-day customized training at the Indian Institute of Plantation Management, they will visit an International Food Fair – Foodex 2016 and they will also visit the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, among other things during their two-week stay.

As you are aware, Zizira.com is more than a Shillong-based food start-up. Zizira – a unit of Chillibreeze, envisions a prosperous future for the farmers of Meghalaya by opening up markets and unleashing the potential of the pristine land.

How is Zizira looking for solutions for Meghalaya farmers?

Zizira, through its extensive farmer-market-technology interaction, has been able to start a movement in the organic farming scenario of Meghalaya. This private effort has provided a great shot in the arm for all the government policies that help marginal farmers of the region reach their potential.

Zizira always looks out for fresh possibilities to provide further technological impetus to the movement and this team’s effort in Bangalore will be to find the best solutions to the many intricate problems that farmers face day in and day out on their fields.

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The team left Shillong on August 21 with the objective of better preparing themselves to create unique, healthy and natural food products from Northeast India that match, if not exceed, International standards and put the farmers of this region on the world map. Said Ibansara Shullai, Assistant Manager, Zizira, and a team member before her trip:

“I’m excited about the opportunity for us to learn aspects of food safety, packaging, blending and many other things from experts. “We have many exciting products in the pipeline, for example exotic chilli sauces. We want to do it right and we hope to clarify a lot of little things during this trip. Yes, we are a very small organization, but from a region that is waiting to be recognized. And, we dream big,” she added.
The team hopes to: Gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends in the food industry with respect to value addition, processing methods and technologies;
  • Gain first-hand experience of spice drying, cutting, flaking and mixing, which might eventually lead to creating Meghalaya’s very own spice mixes;
  • Meet with experts (as future guides) and students (as potential interns) from agricultural field;
  • Learn the packaging and labelling best practices to ensure quality.
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