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I was taking stock of the year 2016 gone by for Zizira and started to write down my thoughts on our experiences, our explorations, our deeper understanding of the agricultural potential of this region, the reasons for some of our decisions, our failed experiments, the successful ones and much more.

Ralph along the Start-up Journal Zizira explorers out in the Start-up Journal

Once I started, I could not stop writing and saw an interesting story develop right in front of my eyes. In fact, when I sent a small part of what I wrote to an Industry expert, this is what she wrote back:

This is all SO interesting!  I have to say my head is spinning with ideas. Thanks for all the background

What struck me was I need to share this story with others, maybe the world! (Okay, that is a bit much to expect, but what I meant was to make this ‘story’ public) Why? Maybe someone in this region will benefit by reading about our experiences? Maybe someone will give us advice that may help the farmers of this region?

Something like crowd sourcing ideas that may bring the change this region needs, without upsetting its pristine nature. Or, maybe this true story will engage our potential customers and further our cause of creating a market for the farmers of Northeast India?

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creating a market for the farmers of NE India

So, here we go. I plan to start sharing my learning, my pondering, and, maybe even my frustrations? Let me see how this exercise develops. Ready to read my musings? To take a peek at pages from my start-up journal?

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