Keeping Focused at the Start of Something New

Diversifying comes with risks. We can't let a new venture distract us from improving our professional services. This is the challenge that starting something new brings.

We must focus until we can make a clear divide between Zizira (plants and products) and Chillibreeze (professional services).

Chillibreeze is exciting right now. We are growing and improving each year. After almost 10 years of hard work, our story is getting recognized. Microsoft created and present a video of the Chillibreeze story at their annual Ignite Conference in Chicago. They featured our story during the worldwide global partner conference in Orlando.

The part of our story that Microsoft loved was how their Office365 cloud platform levelled the playing field for our company located in an off the beaten path region of India. Today we can scale and compete with companies located in first world locations. They were so captivated by the story that they sent a six-person team to Chicago for the interview.

The below photo shows the makeup artist working on Joanna Budelman (co-founder of Chillibreeze).

Joanna Getting ready for the start of something new

When I am not in Shillong, I am in Chicago. One of the greatest advantages I've been able to experience is learning more about business food incubators and food accelerators. These are amazing environments for starting something new.

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