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Team Zizira is a Team of 'Explorers'

This is a realization that has struck us as the team went out on its field visits, did its research and experimented with testing new spices and herbs in our food lab.

Team Zizira is actually a team of explorers! Well, let us assess ourselves and pitch our work against accepted definitions.

  • We are on a quest to discover how to release the potential of farmers of Northeast India, starting with the state of Meghalaya.
  • We are on an exploration for hidden treasures of nature, seeking out superfoods and medicinal herbs that are little known outside the Northeast of India.

Team Zizira is a team of ‘Explorers’

Modesty tells us to tell you that none of the produce we learn about and ‘discover’ are totally new and are being discovered for the first time. These are produced that has health benefits and are being used by the local population, but have been hidden from public awareness.

Our 'discoveries', we believe, will help remove the screen that seems to be covering some of the unique herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, essential oils etc of Northeast India, from public view. Our effort can help draw the attention of the ever increasing numbers of people seeking a healthy living as a choice. So how is this different from any accepted definition of 'exploration' and/or discovery?

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Let us explain a little more. As part of this exploratory effort:

  • We are searching all over Meghalaya for exciting things for farmers to grow (low volume high value).
  • Our explorers go out on field trips.
  • We interview scientists at NEHU and ICAR, meet with MBDA officials and meet farmers.
  • Our explorers investigate opportunities.
  • We then write stories about heroes and we highlight hidden opportunities. We tell organic success stories.
  • We also bring this info back to our food lab so that we can develop new and beneficial products for our customers across India.

Read our farmer stories and valuable spices of Northeast India and more. Our store went live only in the middle of September 2015. Over the months and years, you will see us adding products which would have evolved from the initial discovery of the Zizira Explorers!

Do you have any questions - either about the region or about our products? Add them as comments. We will follow up ASAP.

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Darryl R. Shabong

Darryl R. Shabong

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