Startup Journey Decisions

I am thinking that whoever follows this startup journey might get the impression that this venture is in chaos. WHY? Simultaneously, we are visiting local farmers, learning food drying processes, locating biodegradable packaging while building an eCommerce website that appeals to potential customers.

Over the next few months we will be prioritizing what to do. We have to decide where to set up the prototype processing equipment we purchased and what social media channels to pursue. Even more startup journey decisions still abound. We have not decided what we are going to sell.

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We know we are going to sell specialty food items via eCommerce in India, but selecting among many exciting opportunities is not easy. We created an excel table with formulas that will automatically prioritize the options based on 10 plus criteria but a formula is not enough. We are striving to create some products that will allow us to create a sustainable competitive advantage while benefiting farmers. We have good ideas yet nothing is final.

Anyway, we are not striving for final products instead we are just launching trial balloon products to see what sells. Selling will give us the customer feedback we need and help guide our decisions. Maybe this venture is a little chaotic, but day by day the plans are coming into focus.

A great person I knew used to say if you can’t see what is ahead, go as far as you can see. My next post will be about our evolving brand with some hints of future products.

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