Unique honey from Meghalaya

Unique Honey from Meghalaya – Orange Blossom Honey

Honey, they say, is the nectar of the Gods. Anyone who'd tasted honey wouldn't disagree with this statement, especially if the honey is of the unifloral kind, like Meghalaya's one-of-kind, orange blossom honey. Its taste is kind of…divine!
Bee hive cultivation in Meghalaya

10 Ways to Make Your Life Healthier With Honey!

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Benefits of honey

6 Proven Health Benefits of Honey

Most of us love honey! We are drawn to this natural sweet substance for its color, taste and most importantly, its incredible health benefits. Naturally sweet, with a high fructose content, it is delicious and good for health. Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners or syrups, honey comes loaded with nutrition. What are the health benefits of honey?