We Are Looking for a Creative Artist


A person who loves to work with their hands, think out of the box, and can independently come up with ideas that he/she can single handedly create, execute and bring to life. Someone who is conscious of our deep local Meghalaya traditions and fuses them with Global trends.

A proactive, open-minded, a multi-tasker, communicator will make an ideal team player.

Do you know what it takes to be a Zizirian?

You are expected to go through our website before applying for the job.

What Will You Do?

You will be working together with a small team, therefore you have to be a team player who takes risks, ideates, executes, improves, and executes again until reaching the ideal result the team/company is looking for.

Your time will be spent in various ways. Here is what we envision:

  • Create and make designs for interiors
  • Create designs for pottery
  • Create designs for weaving
  • Create designs with natural fibre and plant-based color
  • Create ambiance experiences through
    • Interior spaces
    • Exterior spaces
    • Music
    • Art
    • Aesthetic tools and utensils
  • Create art or graphics for:
    • posters
    • interiors
    • company swag
  • Create stories through:
    • Experiences
    • Music
    • Artwork
    • Photography
    • Video
    • Audio

As a creative artist, you are responsible for capturing the brand(s) essence in unique visual interiors, products, or experiences. You will proactively plan and execute these visual deliverables in alignment with company mission.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role in a nutshell: Understand who our potential consumers are and what they need so that, as a creative designer, you can connect visual experiences or product that aligns with our brand(s)

Salary range after the appointment is Rs.18,000 – Rs.20,000/-

Why Zizira?

  • Work for a company that believes in values
  • Releases the potential of people through work
  • A company that believes that there are undiscovered treasures in the hills of Meghalaya and part of what it does is to explore the treasures
  • Through this exploration, we develop natural products.
  • And we partner with farmers and weavers.