Do You Love Working on Websites?


We are NOT looking for a "coder" but a web developer who loves working with 3rd party platforms to build amazing websites.

A person who can independently come up with solutions, independently troubleshoot website problems, and create and manage four world class professional website(s). You need to be conscious of internet trends, proactive, a multi-tasker, always looking for new challenges and improvements, and is an ideal team player.

Do you know what it takes to be a Zizirian?

You are expected to go through our website before applying for the job.

What Will You Do?

You will be working together with a small team, therefore you have to be a team player.

  • Build and manage mobile responsive websites
  • Work on WordPress, Shopify and other website platforms
  • Build and manage mobile apps using 3rd party tools
  • Install, validate 3rd party plugins and themes
  • Maintain a professional standard of typesetting style using CSS and best optimization practices for visual content: photos, graphics, video
  • Understand SERP, SEO and the importance of Website Structure. Implement best practices of the same
  • Troubleshoot and execute an excellent solution for website issue
  • Communicate clearly with colleagues and customers

Roles and Responsibilities

The role in a nutshell: Understand who our potential consumers are and what they need so that, as a web developer, you can present to them the professional website that fits our customer persona(s).

  1. Understand and align with the company vision.
  2. Understand company products and vision and support the company(s) by building and managing professional websites.
  3. Personally, EXECUTE solutions and creative ideas you independently come up with. The internet is your teacher.
  4. Optimize graphics, photo, video, and written content for the website using best practices in HTML, CSS, SERP, SEO.
  5. Implement and manage 3rd party apps.
  6. Create and manage SMS, and email-based marketing campaigns.
  7. Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports that support increased engagement.
  8. Immediately act and fix any error in online content.
  9. Know and implement best practices of SEO for website pages.

Salary range after the appointment is Rs.18,000 fresher – Rs. 25,000+ based on experience that matches job responsibilities.

Why Zizira?

  • Work for a company that believes in values
  • Releases the potential of people through work
  • A company that believes that there are undiscovered treasures in the hills of Meghalaya and part of what it does is to explore the treasures
  • Through this exploration, we develop natural products.
  • We partner with farmers and weavers.