Ancient Healing Foods - Secret Behind a Turmeric Tea Treasure
It was already 32 degrees Celsius at 9 in the morning. Our daughter stumbled out of bed and said, "Momma, my throat hurts. Can you give me something." Yes, even our grown children still look to their mommy's for taking care of their hurts. I put on my regenerative mindset and pondered, hmm... what can I do differently. How can I use the natural plant power that Zizira explorers have discovered? Surely, I can use some ingredients to heal my daughter's sore throat. That's when I thought about the Zizira’s unique Turmeric Tea Blend: Lakadong Beb. You probably don't know what those two words mean. So let me explain.


Lakadong Village Growing High Curcumin Turmeric in Meghalaya Lakadong is a remote village in Meghalaya that is known for its temperate climate where exceptional high curcumin turmeric is cultivated. Zizira explorers have connected with local farmers there. Since 2015 Zizira has been sourcing fresh Lakadong Turmeric from farmers after each harvest season. This special high curcumin turmeric is sought after by those who have cardiovascular and inflammation issues. High curcumin turmeric


Beb or sohmynken Beb is another secret ingredient that has ancient healing properties. Beb translates to bhut jolokia in Hindi. Beb is the Khasi term for this potent chilli. spicy red chilli pepper The Beb chilli that comes from Northeast India is known to have the highest capsaicin content in the world of chillies (chilies). Capsaicin, the compound in beb (Bhut Jolokia peppers) give a unique taste. Ancient healers say the capsaicin increases metabolism. This also reduces the appetite and supports weight loss. Capsaicin is so high in Beb that it is known to increase metabolism. It is common knowledge that increased metabolism burns body fat.

There Are Three More Secret Healing Ingredients In Lakadong Beb

1. Ing Makhir

ginger medicinal healthy Ing Makhir is a Khasi name for this special medicinal type of ginger. This local ginger grows in the household garden of almost every village home. When a tribal healer comes to a village home she assumes the medicinal Ing Makhir will be available. If not, she keeps some in her medicinal medicine pouch. This is no ordinary ginger. If you could capture the arroma of the strong ginger oil essence. It is quite potent. The high gingerol content produces healing properties.

Ancient healers use Ing Makhir to:

  1. Reduce pain
  2. Reduce nausea
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Suppress gastric contractions
  5. Treat digestive issues
  6. Treat cold, flu and sore throat

2. Cinnamon

cinnamon spice At the end of the day, cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. Just make sure to get Ceylon cinnamon, or stick to small doses if you're using the Cassia variety.

3. Prickly-Ash or Sichuan Pepper

szechuan pepper Have you ever experienced this herb? It is especially popular in Asia and Northeast India. The Naga tribals of India will crush and sprinkle this aromatic flavoured plant over Mao meet dishes. When the pepper hits the tongue it creates a tingly sensation. The herb is a bit interactive to the senses as it creates numbness when chewed. The botanical name of this 3 winged prickly-ash pepper is Zanthoxylum Rhetsa. It is the last of the 3 natural ingredients in Zizira's one of a kind Turmeric Tea Blend: Lakadong Beb. For hundreds of years, Prickly ash has been used as a deworming remedy by Ancient folk medicine healers. Fascinating, right? Read about the therapeutic efficacy of Zanthoxylum Rhets. Maybe that's why it is served as a condiment over so many Naga dishes. turmeric tea Are you wondering what happened to my daughter's sore throat? To be completely honest she consumed only one large 350 ML glass of Lakadong Beb Turmeric Tea over ice. She gargled with warm salt water morning and night for 2 days. On her own initiative, she consumed Zinc for 3 days. I am happy to say her sore throat was gone on the 3rd day. Coincidence or is it regenerative healing plant power? Oh, and I forgot to tell you our 19 year old daughter loves spice. She was intrigued by the fact that the capsaicin in Lakadong Beb Turmeric Tea suppressed her appetite and increased her metabolism! Not sure how to prepare and serve it? Read 3 delicious recipes. Enjoy! gotu kola memory superfood
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