A Beginners Guide to Meghalaya Tea Varieties

Assam and Darjeeling teas are well known by people all around the world, but have you heard of Meghalaya tea? The taste and flavor of Meghalaya tea is similar to that of Darjeeling tea! And if you have not tried yet, you must try it out.

According to our previous article on tea, this beverage has been cultivated for generations by tea planters of Meghalaya. And tea plantations in Meghalaya is devoid of chemicals and fertilizers.

Dkhar, horticulture officer of Meghalaya says that the organic part of the tea cannot be over-emphasized. But the only distinctive feature of tea cultivation in Meghalaya is that it is entirely organic. Tea from the village of Sohryngkham and Mawlyngot is said to have a taste par Darjeeling tea. It is supplied to states of Mizoram, Nagaland and even exported to Australia. (Source)

Tea plantation in Meghalaya has been booming ever since 1977! The quality of the output is excellent and has extended to different parts of the beautiful hills and plains of the Meghalaya. Tea from Meghalaya is also beginning to get noticed in India and abroad for its rich, fragrant aroma and flavor.

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Meghalaya Teas “the extra flavor”

Meghalaya has quite a few tea varieties, all of which have their own special flavor and taste because they are grown at a higher elevation. Most of these tea varieties are cultivated at a height of up to 5000 ft above sea level.

If you prefer flavorful teas, then Meghalaya region is a good area to explore. Black Tea from Meghalaya is a leafy variety, like Darjeeling tea but it has a unique flavor. Once tea connoisseurs taste it, they will love it. The leaves of tea from Meghalaya add the perfect color and provide a slight sweetness.

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Why Choose Orthodox Meghalaya Tea

Handpicked and processed the traditional way, the Orthodox Meghalaya Tea is well balanced in aroma and flavor. Meghalaya’s tea is chosen carefully on the basis of the leaf appearance, such as flowery, tippy, or with orange pekoe (tea made from young leaves).

Small tea leaves are generally chosen as it releases the flavor quickly and has a pungent flavor. It makes for a perfect breakfast tea and if you love to sip a full-bodied tea with bold taste and aroma you should go for it. You can also use milk and sugar to your tea.

Which meghalaya tea variety for you

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Which Meghalaya Tea is For You?

Here are a few Meghalaya tea varieties, with outstanding qualities that embody Meghalaya’s tradition and expertise. Some of them may surprise you!

Meghalaya black leaf tea is not bitter and has a smooth texture. It emits a fairly strong, yet aromatic, flavor tipped with a tinge of sharpness. The tea comprises leaves that are allowed to wilt and turn brown after they are picked. It is dark, earthy and rich in flavor. This traditional plain black tea will catch the fancy of tea connoisseurs, at the same time satisfy the needs of tea lovers looking for a refreshing cup of chai.

Meghalaya’s Oolong tea is lighter than the black tea, without losing its punch and robustness.  It also has unusual citrus and spicy undertones. It has less pungent flavor, with a hint of sweet-sour, nectar-like flavor. With each sip, you will experience a gentle and sweet taste that lingers. When brewed it exudes a smoky aroma and appears olive green-yellow in color.

Green tea from Meghalaya is handpicked from the tea gardens grown at an average elevation of over 6000 ft. The high altitude and traditional method of cultivation allow the plant to bear more shoots with supple leaves, which further escalates its quality. In addition, the perfect union of soil, climate, average temperature, and rainfall adds to its specialty and unique taste. When brewed, it gives out an aroma of natural honey and has a delicate texture with pure vegetal flavor.

Making a Difference to the Lives of Farmers

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