Brown Rice – The Health Benefits You Are Missing

For a long time, the only rice that we have been used to seeing and eating is the typical white rice. But of late, there has been a growing awareness around the many benefits of brown rice.

Makes one wonder why rice had to be polished or milled in the first place! We dug around into the history of rice, specifically white or polished or milled rice, and we found some answers.

Once polished, white rice weighs lesser and even has a longer shelf life than the brown or unpolished rice. This made polished rice a favorite with traders and middle men, thus making white rice a more profitable commodity. This, in turn, helped proliferate the consumption of polished white rice all the more across the globe.

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The infographic below shows you how polished rice is depriving you of essential nutrients. In fact, a 2010 Harvard study revealed that those who consumed white rice less than once a month are 20% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as compared to those who consumed it at least five times a week.

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