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Here is an album of spices of Northeast India, to give you a quick intro to the very many different varieties of spices in the Northeast region of India.

Spices Unique to Northeast India

Many of these spices are unique to Northeast India. Many are used in home remedies too. You will see a note on how each of these spices of Northeast India are used in Khasi cuisine and how they have come in handy across generations in treating minor body disorders. All the images were shot by the Zizira team! Enjoy!


Health Benefits of Ing Makhir Fit Tea

In Cooking:

  • Mixed with onion, it is added to pork salad and other meat salads.
  • It is added to meat stew and other meat curries.

Download the benefits and uses of the 54 medicinal plants of Meghalaya.

Medicinally it is used to give relief from stomach issues like indigestion or gas. It is used externally too, to treat wounds and bone dislocations. Watch this space for more updates.

Black Sesame

black sesame found in market

In Cooking:

  • It is the main ingredient in ‘Dohsiang Neiiong’ – a popular Khasi Pork dish.
  • It is added to ‘Dai Neiiong’ (Black sesame with Lentil) and ‘Ja Neiiong’ (rice with black sesame)

Home Remedy: Sesame is rich in iron and eating it helps anemia. We are not aware of any other use in home remedies. If you know of any, please add as comment.

Nei Lieh (Perilla Seeds)

perilla seed eaten with veggies and sohplang special tuber root

In Cooking:

  • Generally, Nei Lieh is first roasted, pound and then added to dishes. With grated radish it makes a great salad
  • It is an important spice in a Khasi delicacy called ‘Tungrymbai’. It balances the flavor of this dish.
  • Pounded Nei Lieh is used as an accompaniment to sohphlang (a raw tuber).

(Nei Lieh means 'white sesame', but this seed is quite different from sesame. It is called Perilla seeds).

Black Pepper

Black pepper plant produce

In Cooking:

  • Black pepper is added as spice to make curries with meat and fish.
  • It is used as seasoning on meat stew and vegetable soup.

Home remedy: Black pepper mixed with honey gives relief from sore throat and cough.

Winged Prickly Ash

fruits of winged prickly ash

In Cooking:

  • It is used as a seasoning in chutneys and curries.
  • Sometimes it is also used in tomato and tree tomato chutney.

Turmeric Powder

traditional healing simple sure

In Cooking:

  • Turmeric Powder is added as spice to make curries.

Chilli Flakes

ground bird's eye chilli used for pickle


In Cooking:

  • It is used in chutneys and in all curries.

Rocambole Garlic

local racombole garlic

In Cooking:

  • Mixed with onion, it is added to pork salad and other meat salads.
  • It is also added in curries.

Medicinally it is used to relieve toothache and to treat boils.

Do you have a special recipe you want to share with other visitors to our website? Do you know recipes from other states of Northeast India using these spices of northeast India? You may know tested and tried home remedies with some of these spices of northeast India? Do you have a question for our panel of experts on Northeast agriculture?

Please share them with us! Or add as comments on this page or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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