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This is part 2 of our story on the exotic Sohphie fruit from the pristine lands of Meghalaya, often misspelt as Sophie. It is one of the local fruits of Meghalaya that not only is widely known for its tangy taste but also its numerous health-aiding properties.

In the first part, you read about how Sohphie is a seasonal fruit of Meghalaya and found in abundance between April and July. You also read about its tangy taste.

Sohphie is more than just a local fruit of Meghalaya – it is a treasure chest of natural remedies. Let us tell you about the medicinal properties of Sohphie.

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 Parts Of the Fruit Used in Traditional Healing

Not only is Sohphie deliciously lip-smacking, but it's also packed with phytochemicals with many healing properties.

Local healers of Meghalaya and elsewhere are experts in making the best use of the medical properties of Sohphie and its tree.



They use different parts of the tree for different healing purposes, having learnt the art from their ancestors.

The juice of Sohphie, of course, is like first-aid to expel bacteria and ulcers that trouble the intestines and also to rid it of parasitic worms.

There are other medicinal properties of Sophie, the exotic fruit of Meghalaya and its tree. It is also regarded as the national fruit of Meghalaya and rightfully so considering its abundance of production in the state of North East.

The bark relieves toothaches as well as freshens the mouth when chewed. Dried and powdered Sophie fights dysentery and a decoction of it cleans rotting sores. Bark paste and leaf paste dull headaches, heals wounds, and relieve joint pains and paralysis.


Here are some ways folk healers use different parts of the Sohphie tree as a remedy:

  1. Fruits: Stomach problems - intestinal worms, diarrhoea, dysentery, ulcers, flatulence and constipation. They are said to ease piles and menstrual problems too.
  2. Bark: Toothache, headache, diarrhoea, dysentery, bronchitis, cough, fever, indigestion and nausea.
  3. Roots: Cough, asthma and cholera
  4. Flower oil: Diarrhoea, earache and paralysis
  5. Stone: Weak heart

The Myrica tree's medicinal uses are also known in the ancient medical systems of Ayurveda and Unani. If you use Ayurvedic formulations such as Chwayanprash and Brahmarasayam you'll find fruits and bark of the tree are some of the ingredients.

Amazing Health Benefits of Sohphie

As a food, sohphie, an exotic fruit of Meghalaya, contains a wealth of nutrients that are sure to support health and ward off diseases.

Come to think of it: it’s more of a leisure food than a main dietary item. Munching the fruits alone feels like you’re freshening up the mouth. They do a fine job busting the stomach of bugs and ulcers.

Not to speak of that good and satisfying feeling after you’re done eating!

So what do you get, nutrient-wise? If consumed in adequate amounts, Sohphie has enough to protect us against diseases that may result from malnutrition. The table below tells you:

 Nutrients Approximate Value
Ash (%) 2.18
Moisture (%) 72.33
Protein (%) 9.62
Carbohydrates (%) 78.03
Fat (%) 4.93
Fibre (%) 5.22
Energt (K. cals per gm) 395.04
Minerals (milligrams/gram) (In the Fruits) (In the Stem Bark)
Calcium 4.63 3.155
magnesium 8.4 1.061
Potassium 7.75 2.939
Phosphorous 0.24 0.030
Sodium 0.81 0.060
Manganese 0.032 Not recorded
Zinc 0.216 0.006
Manganese 0.032 Not recorded
Zinc 0.216 0.006
Iron 0.404 0.123
Copper 0.004 Not recorded
Sulphur Not recorded 0.277


(Source) (Source)

And there's an interesting finding in this research that might be good news for those suffering from kidney problems.

The juices of the two Sohphie types and another fruit, Sohshang (also famous in Meghalaya) can be effective in alleviating kidney diseases. The animals on which tests were performed showed that the juices efficiently kept their kidneys healthy.

The juices, the researchers found out, outperformed the standard kidney drug, Cystone, and that too without any toxic effects!

How Is Sohphie a Healthful Fruit?

It's because of phenolic and flavonoid compounds, according to findings in this research. They make up the major phyto or plant chemicals that give the fruits their natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

In effect, phenolics and flavonoids, because of their radical scavenging activity and ferric reducing antioxidant power, react with radical elements in the body and effectively:

  • protect DNA from oxidative damage
  • stop tumour cells from forming
  • fight inflammation
  • prevent microbial attacks and infections

In conclusion, when you consume Sohphie, the famous fruit of Meghalaya, you not only enjoy its pleasing taste, you also boot out the illness-causing free radicals from your body!

Eating Well is Simple

You know, we go to great lengths to complicate our lives when all we need are simple things. Like the foods we eat, for instance. The story you read today is one of simplifying life by eating natural and simple.

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