Why Is Black Pepper Good for You?

Let's talk about why black pepper is good for you. Maybe you've been ignoring it and it sits on your kitchen countertop and you see it every day. But it's more than just some spice. Backed by science it has been known to improve digestion, relieves you of of cold and cough, stimulates your taste bud so that you can enjoy food better.

What is Piperine? Piperine is a major alkaloid found in black pepper (piper nigrum). It is responsible for the strength, pungency spiciness of black pepper. And because of this feature it is widely used for cooking.

Zizira sources black pepper directly from the farmers of Meghalaya who grow them naturally. Meghalaya is a state in the northeast part of India and is blessed with a very fertile land and is home to many nutrition-rich herbs and spices, many of which grow only in that region.

Let us see what the benefits of black pepper are.

Black Pepper

Here are 5 Benefits of Black Pepper

Besides aiding in digestion and relieving you off from common cold and cough, it is rich in mineral content. And if you're someone who consumes black pepper regularly you are reaping its numerous health benefits. Here are 5 effective benefits of black pepper that you should know:

  1. Aids in stimulating digestion: Piperine in black pepper helps to increase the digestion process by stimulating the stomach. It does it by increasing the secretion of hydro-chloric acid that helps break down protein in food faster. So, adding it to your food will help you digest your food faster.
  2. Aids in improving the skin: Best way to effectively use this spice on your skin is to crush it and use it as an exfoliate. But do not use it directly but apply it on your skin with honey and curd. It will naturally enable the blood circulation and elevate the health of your skin.
  3. Aids in weight loss: It will help your body increase the absorption of nutrients present in other food. At the same time, the outer covering of black peppercorn contains phyto-nutrients that aids in breaking down the fats of and increases the metabolism of your body. If you eat fresh pepper, you will sweat, which helps remove excess toxins. Just be careful not to over consume it.
  4.  Aids in enhancing bio-availability of other ingredients: This spice enhances the absorption and the transportation of nutrients to different parts of your body. For e.g. turmeric is a highly medicinal spice and contains an anti-oxidant called "curcumin" that your body absorbs poorly. But with the help of black pepper, your body can absorb curcumin from turmeric 2000% more. Black pepper not only adds flavors but allows nutrients to be more accessible to your body.
  5. Aids in relieving cold and cough: It has natural antibacterial properties and can help you treat cough and cold. Take 1 tsp of raw honey, add crushed pepper and have it to help sooth chest congestion and coughs. You can also add it in eucalyptus oil with hot water and inhale the steam.
  6. Aids in Brain Health: Black pepper has great effects on brain health, it can delay brain aging and help prevent Alzheimer’s. Black pepper is known to protect the nerve cells and prevent early cell death. Also, it has shown considerable beneficial effects in stroke patients.The piperine in the pepper has its importance in Parkinson’s Disease (progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement). Production of dopamine which is usually deficient in patients with Parkinson’s is generally disrupted as piperine inhibits another type of enzyme and having black pepper can ease the symptoms.In the case of depression, similar effects can also be observed.

These are 5 benefits of black pepper, so every time you buy this spice remember that it holds more benefits than you can imagine. Here are a few more posts on black pepper for you. Take a look.

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