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This story was from the time we had just about started Zizira operations, back in 2015. We could see untapped potential in the pristine land of Meghalaya, a state in the northeast of India. We knew that our state was home to a variety of valuable herbs and spices, were aware of how hard the farmers of this region work, we knew how most of them have small farms and are finding it hard to find a market for all that they harvest. Improving their livelihood is a challenge for the small farmers of our state.

Our first move was to connect with farmers, to visit them in their villages and get to know them. So, small teams from Chillibreeze  started  making quite a few farm visits around Shillong. Our goal was to meet with local farmers in the state of Meghalaya and try to understand their world. And for connecting farmers to new markets through eCommerce. Remember, we were a design company starting a food product company!

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We Are Seeking Answers To Questions Like:

What do the farmers cultivate? Do they get adequate returns for the 'investments' they make by way of labor and money? Is it easy to reach their produce to the market? Are there any pain points? Where do they need help, if any? Normally most of them follow naturally organic farming methods, but do they know the value of following organic farming? Are they aware that the Government is promoting organic farming?

A farm visit helps us answer these questions. We asked many more questions. With our learning comes more insight and better awareness.

Farmer harvesting crops in Meghalaya

Learn about the government schemes to help farmers. Download ebook.

You May Wonder – Why Are We Doing This?

Here is why  To bring the hidden potential of Northeast India to the fore by creating a market for the natural and healthy produce that grow in abundance here. For connecting farmers to new markets.

Read more about who we are.

Read all about our farm visit to Umlyngka village near Shillong made by two members of the Chillibreeze team.

Would you like to try organic spices, honey, and herbal tea combos from Meghalaya? Visit our store.

Be prepared to be surprised by the quality and the taste! Follow us and read  live reports from farms in the Northeast region of India and get to know about unique crops, produce, and products.

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